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NGISR: Halloween Poll

Who's dressing up?
What are you going as?
What's your favorite treat?

Re: NGISR: Halloween Poll

  • Who's dressing up? Me!!
    What are you going as? a pirate...arr!
    What's your favorite treat? caramel apple pops
  • Who's dressing up? Me
    What are you going as? Since we aren't going anywhere, I'm going to wear my new bustier (for the wedding) and some hot pants, and be Lady Gaga/Britney/whichever celeb dresses like that at the moment. Yes, I'm lazy. :)
    What's your favorite treat? Skittles (they're vegan!)
  • Who's dressing up? Not this year.  We've opted to stay in and be fuddy duddies.  I might get a witches hat or something for giving out candy.
    What are you going as? Uh, see above.
    What's your favorite treat? Reeses Peanbutter Cups.  The box I bought on Sunday is already gone.  Embarassed
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • We're going to a party on Saturday.
    I'm going as a school girl. FI picked it out
    My fave candy is peanut butter cups.

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  • Who's dressing up? will probably be a fuddy duddy like Raynes....besides the Pats game is on so Ill be watching that!!!
    What are you going as?  IF we go out on Saturday...I may be a cowgirl....
    What's your favorite treat? toss up between pb cups and mounds bar....
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    I'll be at my parent's house this weekend, so I'll probably just wind up handing out the candy. My mom's friends are throwing me a wedding tea (apparently there's a difference between a shower and a tea - it's an old person thing) on Sunday that I wanted to dress up for, but my mom was horrified at the thought.

    But my fav treat is pretty much everything. I'm not picky. But I do love me some Reese's!
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  • Who's dressing up?me and FI
    What are you going as? Roman Empress
    What's your favorite treat?chocolate
  • Who's dressing up? not really going anywhere for Halloween
    What are you going as? I did dress up as a leprechaun when I went to play team trivia with some Friends on Wed.
    What's your favorite treat? toss up between: snickers, peanut butter cups, and 100 grand bars.
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  • I'm totally dressing up. K and I are going to a friend's party tomorrow night as Peter and Lois Griffin (from the show Family Guy), but I dunno if we'll be handing out candy this year since he lives in an apartment building. We may try to take his niece trick-or-treating, she's either going as Backpack from Dora the Explorer, or a little girl with the chickenpox. Favorite treat: any chocolate/peanut butter/coconut kinda of combo, like Almond Joy or Reese's (cups or pieces).

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