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Germy gym

Not to be paranoid and definitely not to discourage anyone from going to the gym... but, I thought I'd share this. I caught a trifecta of gnarly sickness this week and my doc suggested I may have caught them from the gym. It's obvs. a faux pas not to wipe down the machines after you get done using them. I definitely don't prance around barefoot. But, for some reason, NO ONE wipes off the free weights when they're finished. In my Bodypump class, we just put all our germy bars in the same rack and walk away. Have you all noticed this? Allergies and sickness are rampant right now in the Ohio valley. So I thought I'd give you all a heads up. Because being sick is lame.
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Re: Germy gym

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    I got really sick back in February and I definitely got it from the gym. I wasn't working at the time, hadn't spent a lot of time outside the house (I hate driving in the snow in the winter) and the only place I spent a lot of time was at the gym. I've just started wiping down stuff before I use it in case the person before me didn't wipe it down themselves. 
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    I wouldn't bat an eye at that idea! And after seeing how some people wipe down the equipment makes me wipe it down before I use it! I thoroughly wipe it down when I'm finished, none of that lil swipe here and there. They barely got the chemical on the machine!
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    yyuck! that is soooo grossss!
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    I'm pretty sure this is my first gym related sickness. Have you all noticed people rarely clean the free weights? For some reason, this never crossed my mind before.
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    yeah it never crossed my mind before either...

    today i took your advice and wiped down the free weights before AND after I used them and I got some pretty strange looks from people.

    The strangest looks of all came when I sprayed and wiped down the medicine ball before and after using it. Now given the discussion of this post, I actually took the time to examine the med ball before using it and it was soooooooooooooo gross!!! esp because of all the groves in the texturized rubber so it doesn't the rubber is all pebbly and then in between the pebbles.......GROSSNESS!!! EEK!
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I caught a nasty stomach virus from the gym. Either the machines, the weights, the floor or the drinking fountain. I also touch my face a lot (bad I know) and sweating doesn't help. I always wash my hands right away when I'm done because I feel so gross. Plus, my gym is sort of... steamy and warm most of the time.
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