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Poll: How many calories do you eat in a day?

Hey ladies-

I was just curious about how many calories you all eat in a day (if you don't mind my asking).

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Re: Poll: How many calories do you eat in a day?

  • I aim for 1200,  but end up eating 1300 on average. I'm 5"4 and weigh 112 and work out for about 30-60 minutes 3-6 days/wk. One thing to note--a lot of what you'll read in the media for how to determine your calorie needs are way inflated.
  • I did a calculator app from my iphone, and it says I should have 969 calories  a day. That just seems really low to me. I was thinking aroun 1200? I'm trying to loose at least 1-2lbs per week in the next 3 months.
  • I am 5'2 and weigh 120lbs. I've been this weight be fore and have lost it by eating 1,327 calories to lose 2-3 lbs a week. It's a safe & healthy with amazing results if one eats right and workouts 5 days a week. I do cardio for 20 minutes w/ 40 minutes of cross training/weight lifting. I've gotten down to 108 lbs this way and love it.  
  • I'm 5'2 and currently 140lbs, tryin to get back down to 120...I've been doing cardio for 40minutes a day... but that's it so far haha. I've also been working 15hr days so it's tough to get to the gym haha.
  • Check out It's free and it calculates all this stuff for you. My mom and sister have been using it and each lost 40lbs in the past 4-5 months, so I just started following it a few days ago..

    I'm eating around 1200-1250 each day, and working out about 150 minutes per week.. I'm 5'3" and 180lbs though, so it's going very fast for me so far.. My ultimate goal is to get to around 120lbs in the next 10 months or so (hopefully sooner, but we'll see)..
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  • I downloaded the "LoseIt" app for my iPhone. I am 5'2" and started off at 135. I said I wanted to lose one pound a week, and  a total of 15 pounds (so I'd be 120) My real goal is 115 but I didn't know how long it would take.

    According to my phone I can eat 1,405 calories a day.

    So I started doing this on Monday and yesterday I weighed 131.6. So I've dropped over three pounds this week simply by monitoring what I eat and not overeating and snacking all day, which is my problem.

    It sucked the first few days because I felt like I was always hungry and I get super bitchy when I'm really hungry, but my body is a bit more used to it yesterday and today.

    Plus I've been eating under the 1,405 because I haven't been working out at all, other than about 20 push up every other morning. I've been working split shifts or triple shifts every day this week. Plus I think consuming less food has been an energy killer, so when I'm home for an hour in between shifts I nap....
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  • I have the "lose it" app too.. :) Mine says 956 calories a day to loose 2lbs a week
  • Ok thanks.

    The reason for my confusion is because of the whole debate about eating a lot of calories (from healthy food) if you are working out a lot vs. not eating too much.

    I'll check out sparkpeople.
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  • I get between 1,000-1,300 a day, but average 1,200. I work out for about an hour and 15minutes every other day (45 mins cardio, 30 mins strength). I'm 5'3 and currently weigh 154 (started at 165) and have a goal of 130. I've been smaller than 130lbs before, but I didn't like it. I felt too thin and looking at old pictures of me at 120lbs, my face was so thin that my eyes looked huge.
  • All I have to say is, you people are short!

    I'm 5'7", weighing in at a curvy 180lbs and I usually eat around 1800 cals/day, as per Livestrong. 
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • I was thinking the same thing  raynes! haha I am 5'9" and have been eating 1400-1500 depending on if I work out (I am really doing WW so that's just what the points come out to) I have about 20 pounds to lose in the next 9.5 months!
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  • Ok good taller people responded. No offense to the shorter ladies, but I'm tall!

    Sparkpeople rocks by the way, so thanks for that suggestion.
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  • Anything under 1200 calories is not recommended, not even for short people!  900 sounds drastic, I wouldn't follow anything that recommended that low of a calorie intake. 

    I'm 5'9", 183lbs, and I usually eat 1500-1800 a day, depending on whether I've been to the gym or not.  (Don't hate me for saying this) but a lot of times I have problems eating enough calories in one day, and I can always tell when I'm not, because I start gaining weight.  This is why 900 cals a day isn't good, your body will go into starvation mode and start storing everything it can. 
  • Wow... apparently I eat a lot of calories compared to y'all.  I'm 5'6 and currently weigh 125.  I try to stay under 1800 calories per day.  I work out 6 day per week, at least 45 minutes of cardio on each of those 6 days.  I was eating WAY more than that when I was training for my marathon this summer and fall. 

    BTW,  how do y'all eat only 900 calories per day?  Do you skip meals?  I'm just curious...  I don't know how I could ever eat 3 meals and a snack and stay within 900 calories.   Do you get hungry?  I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I'm just honestly really wondering how you do it!
  • Even 1200 calories is pushing it.  It all comes to basic calories in and calories out.  I burn 1200 calories a day NOT DOING ANYTHING which probably the same for a lot of you.  Add in the amount of exercise you are doing and anywhere between 1300-1800 should be sufficient.  It also depends where you calories are from.  You can loose more weight eating 1800 of good clean and healthy food and fats than 1200 calories of higher fats and what not.  It is all a scientific method and there are many legit websites to help with this.  Make sure it is a legit and helpful website because there are many that are BS and will not help at all. has a lot of great articles about lean meats and calorie counts that I find really useful.  Hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am 5"8', weigh 155 pounds, my goal weight is 140.  If I do not work out in a day I aim for 1300 calories, this will allow me to loose 2 pounds per week.  On the days that I do work out (which is about every other day) I figure how many calories I am burning and ad that to the 1200, and that is the number I stay under.
  • I aim to have 2000 a day TOPS.  But lots of times I end up eating less.  But, I don't just count calories.  I counted only calories for a long time, and didn't see amazing results.  Now I count calories, fat, sodium, and carbs, and it has made a big difference.  It can be annoying at times, but it works. 
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  • It really does all depend on your body because if I ate 1500-1800 calories I would defanitely gain weight but it sounds like you are an avid exercisor and some of us are not.  The more I work out, the more I adjust my calorie intake, and the less I work out the less I eat.  This way you can maintain your weight if you are super busy and don't have the time to hit the gym.  Everyone is different is the most important thing to take note of so people can make suggestions all they want but it really does depend on your body, your metabolism, your habits, your cardio and resistance training etc.

    I would suggest talking to a nutritionist or a trainer at the gym, that is what they get paid to do!
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  • Also, don't forget activity level. I'm 5'9" and weigh 154 (want to lose 5 lbs.). I usually eat around 1800 calories, but sometimes more (and once in a while less). I walk my dogs twice a day and walk to work and the gym, so even before I've lifted a weight or stepped on a cardio machine, I've walked 5 miles or more. I live in the city, so it's easy to walk everywhere. It really helps for days when I don't get to the gym. Try wearing a pedometer for a week to see how much you're walking, and then try to increase it. Btw, 10,000 steps (about 5 milies) or more is recommended.  Good luck!
  • I just wanted to point out that some people who've posted are actually underweight for their height. Which can actually be as bad for you as being overweight. So please don't base your "ideal" weight on what you see here. Talk to your doctor.
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  • I'm a Registered Dietitian and I agree.
  • Here is a link for a healthy weight range for your height according to WW

  • Thanks for the input.

    A few things: to whoever said to talk to a nutritionist/trainer: I priced them. They are expensive. I don't have the money at the moment to pay them, but will in the near future.

    Also to whoever said not to take this advice without talking to my doctor: of course not. I was just wondering what the general trend for everybody else happened to be.

    Random: ttruehill, FI and I were [thisclose] to getting married in Baton Rouge. His whole family is from there (and the NOLA area as well, but mainly from there).

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  • Also, super helpful link tinydancer.  Thank you.
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