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When did you start adding in extra days of running, etc?

So I'm on week 6 of C2K.  For the first few weeks, 3 days of running were enough for me.  I felt like I was working out enough and letting my legs get used to it.  I started tracking my food around week 2 or 3.

Now, I'm still tracking my food, and I'm still running 3 days a week.  But I'm feeling LAZY on my off days.   At this point, is it ok to add in more running, or will it keep my legs from recovering in between runs?   For example, would interval training in between C2K workouts help or hurt my progress?

I plan on attempting to add in weight lifting of some kind, I just have to figure out how to make that happen, since my apartment gym doesn't have weights and I have no gym membership.  

Re: When did you start adding in extra days of running, etc?

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    I wouldn't run, but I would do a different form of cardio. On my off days I'll use the stepper, elliptical, or bicycle. I also incorporate lifting in my workouts. Have you thought of buying some dumbells?
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    Yeah, i'm thinking that dumbbells is going to be the cheapest way for me to add in weight training.  I literally haven't picked up a weight in about 2 years.  Its going to kick my butt, nothing compares to the soreness of starting a new weight lifting work out.  *cringe*  I'm dreading it, which is probably a sign that I need to start adding it into my workout!  lol

    How much did you girls pay for your weights??  I don't even know what sizes to get at this point, i'm so out of shape...
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    Target has inexpensive weights.  I started 30DS with 3 lbs (total barbie I know but you gotta start somewhere).  I need to get some 10lbs if I want to keep doing the Shred but in my tuesday butt kick at the gym, I do jumping jacks with 8lbs now (took some time to graduate from 5's).  They are only about $5-10 a piece if I remember correctly.  I cannot even stress how much the strength and core work will help your running more than just putting in time on the elliptical. 
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