Getting in Shape

Hey Ladies!!

So I just wanted to give everyone a few words of encouragement!

For one remember that your fiance loves you for you! He or she proposed to you at your current size and loved every curve, bump, and lump regardless of what you think of yourself.

Number 2, the right wedding gown will give every woman a fantastic figure regardless of if you are a 5x or a size 0. Trust me, my mom is a 3x and looks kick ass in her mother of the bride gown.

Number 3, try not to diet - Eating healthy is important, but dieting sounds so negative. Maybe try smaller steps like no coke, candy, and fast food (anything with a drive through). When you go out to dinner try and pick restaurants that have healthy options so your only option isn't something self defeating like fried chicken with gravy. Baked chicken and broccoli would be a healthier and still delicious choice!

Number 4 - Work out!!! It hurts, you'll stink, sweat, feel weak and miserable, but in the end you will feel fantastic. Your goal should be the healthiest and fittest woman you can be. Not to lose weight. As you work out and accomplish weight lifting or jogging goals your body will change!! 

Last suggestion - Try crossfit!! I have had self esteem issues my entire life. I was sickly as a kid and roller coaster dieted on the borderline of anorexia. Losing weight did not make a difference about how I felt about myself. But working out does!! I feel great and my body has changed so much in only 3 months of working out at this gym. They are all across the U.S. and have begun to spring up across the world. You have small class sizes with personal attention and build friendships with other people who want to see you succeed. I promise I am not just trying to advertise for this gym because if you can find a gym you love any will do.

Good Luck and remember you are already beautiful just the way you are!!
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