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Hey ladies, I'm looking for some advice on my upcoming vacation next week. I'm taking a four day cruise to the Bahamas with my bridesmaids - woohoo!

I'm taking suggestions on how to not totally undo all my hard work from the past few months of working out and eating right. I of course am going to splurge a bit, but I'd hate to back track because I'm finally starting to see progress. Luckily, I'm not a drinker, so I don't have to worry about the empty calories there, BUT there's an ice cream machine and 24 hour pizza that I'll be trying to avoid at all costs.... 

Do you stick to your guns on vacation or do you just completely forgo the diet/exercise routine? Do you still continue to track your food? Any healthy transportable snack suggestions? 


Re: Vacation!

  • Moderation, moderation, moderation!  If you really want something, indulge!  Just keep it to small portions and really enjoy them.  And get to the ship's gym, or snorkle, or do some other fun fitnessy activity.
  • I went on a cruise like 3 years ago now (wow its been far too long) and I actually used the ships track and gym to run a few miles and do weights. If you are not a drinker you won't have the horrible hung over feeling I had and you can just get up an hour early every day and hit the gym. Maybe your bridesmaids will join you.
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  • I've never been on a cruise (and I hear they are brutal with all of the food) but I generally don't track my food while on vacation because I find that I am more active (nothing hard core, but more walking around than usual) and eat less than usual  (because I'm walking around and doing things all day).  Since I'm eating less overall, I have no problem going out a couple of times for a really decadent meal.

    At the end of the day, a four-day cruise isn't going to do that much damage.  Only indulge with things you really enjoy and try to get in a couple of workouts, but don't stress over it.
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    [QUOTE]. When you get back you'll go back to your normal calorie intake and any extra weight will come off pretty quickly (hopefully).
    Posted by Ginabean2011[/QUOTE]

    <div>Yes! Let's hope it does! Actually, this is going to be a good test to see if my caloric intake has been correct these past few weeks. I was starting to feel like my metabolism was slowing down, so some extra food may help bump it up...though this idea could just be justifying all the yummy food I'm about to eat :)</div><div>
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