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Found a way to get my butt to the gym..

So we will ignore that the gym is on my way home from work..or that it is less than a mile from work and I still didn't go..

Today I decided to look at what time E News and the Daily 10 was on (don't judge me, I like me some celebrity gossip) and went to the gym and did an hour on the eliptical watch the two shows, it actually worked out great!

Instead of my FI making fun of me for sitting on the couch and watching celebrity gossip I did it on the gym where it made me look like there was nothing else on..

I'm not ashamed..and then rewarded myself with a one point WW giant latte bar.
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Re: Found a way to get my butt to the gym..

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    Whatever gets you there, who is to judge!! Thats awesome you found a way to get there.
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    Awesome! Keep at it girlie!
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    I don't find this the least bit strange.  I DVR all the shows that DH doesn't like to watch (Grey's, Glee, etc...) and then run to them in the mornings or afternoons.  It is a good motivator--especially because I won't let myself watch them unless I am working out (or have worked out...since I am doing p90x right now I can't watch them while I work out, so they are starting to build up.  I plan on doing some serious watching today!)
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    That's my favorite way to work out at the gym, too!  It really distracts me from boredom and my heavy breathing, so I can usually go harder and longer without realizing it.  Good work!
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    yes, definitely a way to look forward to working out. a few years ago i even cancelled my cable to save money so when i had something i wanted to watch i had to go to the gym!
    saved money and got in better shape!
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    thats great! keep at it.. i do the same thing there!
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    That is hilarious!  I think I am going to try it...if only my favorite show was on a night other than one of the nights that I train with my trainer anyways.  My big problem is that I do a lot of physical work during the day, and it usually leaves me exhausted at night.  Then on my days off, I usually just sleep in and then run errands all day.  I wish that I could just stay at home and go to the gym every day...maybe next year.
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