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Re: Church Street Boxing Class - I can fit my dress now!!

For those of you living in New York City, I just found the most awesome workout for getting in shape.  Three weeks ago I went for my first fitting. I must have gained weight over the winter.  The alterations lady could not zip my dress - she had to really sweat it to get it just half way up.  Because of the type of dress, she couldn't let it out any.  I was told I have to lose at least an inch on my bust/waist.  She scheduled another fitting for 3 weeks later. I heard of Church Street Boxing in lower Manhattan (it's a pretty famous boxing gym) but I thought it was for hard core boxers.  I checked it out anyway and I was wrong. The beginning boxing class has about  6 people in the class and most were women.  Jason, the instructor is a really nice and cool guy who knew how to conduct a fun and awesome workout. 

Each 1 hour workout was a combination of punches they taught at the beginning of class (you do punch real bags) and various other cardio fat blasting routines (think, pushups, squats, burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, crunches, etc.).  AWESOME workout.  Twice a week for three weeks. Guess what, I just went back for my second fitting. I FIT MY DRESS PERFECTLY!  The alterations person was so amazed, she said I did great and told me not to lose anymore.  I'm still going back though, the class was totally fun and I felt awesome after each workout. And of course, I got in shape.  What more can you ask for??  I strongly recommend Church Street Boxing's beginning boxing class.  I guarantee you will get in shape, especially if you are in a hurry!

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    I'll let this slide for now, but just so you know, vendors of any kind (boxing gym employees included) are not allowed to post on the Knot's message boards.  As this is worded as a "review" it can stay, but please be aware of our community rules.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Wow that class sounds fun!  I wish we had something like it near here!   and CONGRATS on losing the weight!  Great job!!
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  • Congrats on your dress fitting! I am having the same issue! I can zip it up and it looks good but I can't sit in it LOL
    Wish we had something like that where I live! 
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