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One month until wedding and I''ve lost the weight but don't want to see progress go away. So hungry!!!

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  • So eat something. If you are feeling deprived, it could be an indication that you are not losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way so you'll gain back what you lost and more after the wedding.

    Read the Crash Diets sticky and then check out some of the past accountibility threads for ideas on healthy, filling, meals.
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    when im really hungry , but dont want to eat a lot of calories at a snack time, I eat a wedge ( or 2) of light laughing cow cheese. At 35 cals per wedge, theyre super satisfying and delicious!


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  • When I need a snack but don't want to eat something huge, I eat some hearts of romaine leaves and spread either almond butter and drizzled with a little honey, orlike the PP said, laughing cow cheese (I spread i on the romaine hearts).  Either can also be spread on celery for a yummy, low fat snack.  Also you can't go wrong with a salad.  Oh and avocados. yummm super filling too!  Also make sure you drink enough water!

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  • peanut butter/nutella (11tablespoon) on a plan rice cake is very tasty
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