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Too Much Protein??

I'll try to keep this semi-short.
According to mydailyplate, it is recommended that I consume about 35g of protein per day. I almost ALWAYS go over this goal. For example today I have already had 60g and I still have dinner to eat tonight!!
The foods I ate today that were high in protein were a greek yogurt and steak. I don't go out of my way to eat all this protein it just seems to happen.
I guess my main question is are there any adverse consequences I should be worried about? Also, do you have any suggestions of foods I should begin to incorporate into my diet? I'm trying really hard to eat a better balanced diet and am getting frustrated/confused!


Re: Too Much Protein??

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    raynesraynes member
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    The recommendations for protein on TDP are reallllly low, IMO. 

    Personally, I function much better on a diet high in protein.  I stay feeling full longer, and I don't reach for the candy bars anymore.

    I follow a heavy weight lifting workout program, so just with that I look to add more protein into my diet to help with post workout recovery.

    The things that I've read suggest that as long as you're not exceeding 40% of your daily calories from protein, you're ok.  It's no uncommon to consume 1g of protein per lb of body weight.  I usually aim for around 120-150g of protein, depending on whether or not it's a lifting day.

    So don't worry about going over the recommended 30g!  You're fine.

    As for what foods to start incorporating, that all sort of depends on what you're already eating.  Instead of suggesting things to add in, I'd suggest cutting out as much processed food as you can.  The "cleaner" you can eat, the easier being healthy can be.
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    I always go over the my plate recommendation for protein as well. I do a lot of weight training and I usually try for about 150g of protein on the days I work out. (myplate only recommends 50 for me). 
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    wow - there are 30g of protein just in one serving of the protein powder i use. i would definitely consider that a low amount. and i always thought what raynes said, that you need 1g per pound of body weight. i think you're doing ok! better protein than sugar, right? :]
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    I would just watch out for fatty proteins. As long as you're getting most of it from lean meat you should be fine. A steak every day, not so much.
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    35 g sounds way too low.  I agree with the 1g per lb of body weight.  My post-workout protein shake has 30g all by itself.
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    Thanks so much for the imput! I was really stressing because I go over it EVERYDAY!  My greek yogurt alone has 12g of protein. And don't worry steak is only once in a while :) - grilled chicken is my usual go to, yum!
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    I have to agree with Raynes. On sparkpeople, my protein recommendation is 60-120 grams for a 1300-1600 calorie diet.

    You won't die from too much protein. Or too little. Too much ,ight affect kidney function eventually, but you need to be WAY over where you are now for that to happen.
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    I have to say a big THANKS to you ladies!

    See, about a month ago, one of the health promotions people at work came and gave a presentation to me and my colleagues, and her suggestion for the "average woman" was 40g of protein per day. To me, that just didn't sound right.

    I just checked my LoseIt app, and on average, I'm getting about 95g of protein per day (higher on my workout days, lower on my rest days) so it's such a relief to know I'm not going overboard!!
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    It depends on whether you do strength trainig or not.  You need more protein following a strength workout.  Unfortunately, only about 22 g of protein can be absorbed at one time, even if your protein shake ahs more than that.  Protein can and will turn to fat if it isn't burned, so there are consequences to eating too much.  If you are not eating many carbs, you can have higher protein.  You body will burn carbs first, so if there aren't many there, it will burn fat and protein. 

    It's such a balance!  Keep workin' on it!

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