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AW: First Dress Fitting/Progress Update PIP

Finally have some way to see that what I have been doing worked!

Me in my dress January 22nd (please excuse my expression - my mom was starting to irk me at that point)
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Re: AW: First Dress Fitting/Progress Update PIP

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    Sorry hit post instead of the stupid picture button. I'm not awake yet...

    Me in my dress last night. Needs to get taken in an inch and a half at the bust and about a half inch off each of the back straps. Also the inner corset has to get adjusted to sit closer to my breast bone to make sure I don't fall out and kill my 91 year grandfather haha

    So excited to finally see that my hard work is worth it. Overall, since January, down 10 lbs and I guess some inches just based on last night. I'm going to focus on mainly arms/shoulders/back and just on maintaining my weight now I think. Ok that's all. Sorry for the longish post.

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    Congrats! You look fabulous in your dress.
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    fabulous!  That is great.  Makes it all worth while..right?
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    You look fantastic!  That dress is really beautiful.  I can't wait to see it on your when it actually fits!  Great job.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Beautiful!!!! Love the back of the dress! So unique! Great work!
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    Great Work! Congratulations
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    You look beautiful, love the dress! Congrats on your success!
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    You look great and I love your dress!  Congrats!
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    Congrats, you look great!
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    YAY! Congrats! You look beautiful in your dress
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