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What do I do about my bat wings? Also, help with push ups please!!

Does anybody have suggestions for what to do to work on the flab on the underside of your arm. I'm really trying to work on my batwings. Do exercises that work your triceps help? What else helps?

Also, what's the best way to work my way up to doing regular push ups? I want to try the 100 push up challenge, but right now there is no way in hell that I can do them, and believe me I've tried. I can do girly push ups, but I feel like there's got to be a better way to do it. I can also do push ups against the wall. 


Re: What do I do about my bat wings? Also, help with push ups please!!

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    Nebb's got a great list of arm exercises, so I'll let her chim in on that one.

    As for pushups, you're right, there is a better way than "girlie" ones.  Doing them against the wall is the first step.  If you're confident with them against the wall, starting working your way down to lower surfaces.  Maybe next try the kitchen counter (put your hands on the counter, feet on the floor and keep you body in a straight line).

    As you get better, keep working your way down to lower and lower surfaces and eventually you'll be able to do full pushups on the ground.

    It's much better to do them on an incline than on your knees.
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    ^ I am sure you can find something you will like there! plus i love videos!

    Doing exercises for your triceps will help! 

    I do dips: 

    I used a pre weighted bar though. usually 20 or 30

    and I also do some of the other machines at the gym, but i wasnt sure if you workout at home or not.

    3 sets of 10.
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    NebbNebb member
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    Tricep dips are the key to what you are looking for BUT (always a but) you need to do a range of upper body weights. You cant just target one area and hope it fixes all problems. You can do tricep dips on a bench, off of your coffee table, on an assisted weight machine or a regular weight machine where you sit on a seat. I think youre best off doing it on a bench because you do full body weight that way. You will always benefit the most if you do full body weight/heavier.
    Keep in mind that you should work your bicep ANd tricep - tricep kickbacks, bicep curls and concentration curls, pull ups (assisted, they will work out your shoulders, arms and back), tricep pushdowns on the cable machine, seated or upright row.... there really is no limit to the workouts you can do for this area of your body, you just have to do more than one or two to see results.
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