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Is it me?

I've been  trying to post lately and NOTHING works. It just takes forever and ever and ever and finally I give up. So that's why I've been MIA.

I started working out regularly again last week- finally. I got the EA Sports Active for Wii and it's. . . okay. I read a ton of reviews about how it was so awesome and really worked and people loved it, but so far I just think it's okay. Some of the stuff is pretty tough, but the resistance band is WORTHLESS. So I guess I'll see how it goes.

Re: Is it me?

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    It's a TON better than it was whenever they switched the format.  There's still some problems, but it's a lot better.  Are you using internet explorer or mozilla or safari?  I have to admit that I've had some problems using TK with safari on my mac.
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    I'm using Firefox. I don't use Safari at all because so many sites don't work with it.
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