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jillian michaels

 is $30 a good deal for her 5 dvd box set and 30 day shred?  Am I going to use shape up front and back dvds or are they too beginner?

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  • I think it's a good deal.  I'm doing the 30 day shred currently, and I like it =)
  • I would pay 30 just for the 30 day shread. Along with my diet, I have lost so much. And the weeks I change levels, I usually drop and extra pound or two.
  • Kel how long have you been doing 30ds?  :) and how much loss total!  I love to hear because it motivates me :)
  • I have been dieting since January 4th.  We got engaged on Christmas Eve, so it was the first day after the holiday season. And I always feel starting on a Monday is best, cause you are distracted by work. Now, I was and still am severly over weight. I started at 284lbs, and I am 5'3". I am now down to 238lbs.  My goal was to loose a 100lbs for my wedding, and then to continue to lose to a weight to be around 140-135lbs after the wedding. Thats the higher bracket for normal in my height range. But, I am 4lbs away from losing 50lbs, and I still have a year to go. We are getting married April 30, 2011. So I feel like my total goal might be in reach! But I still don't want to push it because this is a life change and there is no going back to size 24! A few years ago, I signed up for LA Weight Loss.  And their diet plan really worked for me. But because of the bad customer service, then the locations closing, and just not trying hard enough, I gain all of the 60lbs back. So what I am doing now is this.  I am doing the LA Weight Loss program on my own, with our their bars that costed way to much, and exersizing at least 5-6 days a week.  I swich off everyday with going to my apartment gym, doing the eleptical for 30mins then arm weights for about 10 mins. Then the next day I do the 30DS.  I started with level 1 and no hand weights and am now on level 3. Next week, I am starting back on level 1 with weights, and not doing the modified easier poses any more. My diet plan is for a weight loss of about 2lbs a week.  I am averaging 3.3 lbs a week because of the added exercise. But I know thats a high number which will go down eventually, but with the excess of weight, my sis a doctor, says that I am being extremely healthy about it. And now I am training for a 5k with my sister next month! I am not sure, how over weight you are. But if you have more then 40lbs to lose I can give you the PDF of the LA Weight Loss program and its all self explanatory about what plan to start, when to change plans, and how to do the stabilization after you lost the weight. Including the food choice guides and portions. Also, with the added exercise, especially the 30DS, I am really toning. I see drastic changes in my arms and lower abs, which is were I carry a lot of my weight. That I never saw years ago with just the diet plan. Im down 3 sizes already! Good luck! And if you have anymore questions let me know!
  • Where did you find those for $30??
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    Hey Kel!! 

    I think its awesome what you have done. i just started the 30 day shred 2 days ago and im already feeling good about it. i have 40 lbs to go and 6 months to do it in before my wedding. do you think its possible if i keep doing 30 DS? Can you also help me with my diet? 
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