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First 10 lbs gone!

Despite an extremely stressful week at work that made me want to eat everything that I shouldn't, I've lost a bunch of weight and I'm now down exactly 10 lbs from my start weight..

I'm very excited! I've tried to lose weight before but I've never made it long enough to get to this point... Now just 50 more to go! Even that doesn't seem daunting to me today, I feel like I really can do this.. I'm hoping to lose 30 more in time to go dress shopping in May.

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Re: First 10 lbs gone!

  • Do the happy dance!!! That's way exciting! I am 1 pound away from losing 20! We should be so proud of ourselves! Keep it up!

    I started 2 days after thanksgiving and feel extra proud my weightloss progressed during the holidays. More importantly I have lost lots of inchs, everywhere! If you haven't measured yourself to compare inches do it now, when you hit a slow down on pounds lost check yuour inches. I had 2 weeks I thought I lost nothing because my weight stayed the same but I measured myself again and I lost some inches! It helped keep me motivated!!!

    Hugs, you skinny thing!!!
  • Wow girls, that's amazing, congratulations!!  Keep your momentum!
  • Congrats! That's great!
  • Yay!! That is really exciting. Congratulations!
  • That's wonderful!  Congratulations!
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  • Woo hoo! Congrats. Keep setting goals and making a weekly plan for food and exercise that you can stick to.
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  • That's awesome! Keep up the good work Laughing
  • congrats!!!!

    Our little hippo is as impatient as mom!

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  • Congrats!!  I'm a half lb away from hitting the 170's again.. for the first time in over a year and a half.  I understand your excitement.  GL with your continued weight loss!
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