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boy was I tested today.....

So, it was my first day back at school today.  Our PTA had a wonderful breakfast for us- doughnuts, pastries, muffins, egg casseroles (filled with cheese and bacon), etc.  Man was that hard to stay away from.... it was just calling my name.  But, I'm proud to say I stuck with some fruit and had a fiber one bar later.  I hope I can have the same will power tomorrow- another breakfast for the teachers.  
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Re: boy was I tested today.....

  • Woo hoo!! That's wonderful!

    Stick to your guns!

    My manager in my unit makes us special meals for certain holidays. For cinco de Mayo I stuck with my lunch and didn't eat a bite of taco. Same with the pizza party they had recently. I didn't have any of it but just the smell in my nose!

    Try to concentrate on how good it felt to say no and how great you felt afterwards for eating something healthy!
    ~* Diana *~ ~* October 9, 2010 *~



  • That's awesome! Didn't you kind of secretly feel good later for sticking to your guns? I love that feeling, however it's nearly impossibly some days to resist the temptation.
    Co-workers are the worst because they always bring in food, at my work, and then they feel weird if you turn down what they brought. Some days I've turned down mouth watering take-out ordered by my co-workers for my Kashi Go Lean and some Pineapple. Never as satisfying while I'm eating it, however I always feel  better later.
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