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Just started P90x this week...It's absolutely kicking my butt! Anyone else doing this? 3 more months til the wedding, I need to be in awesome shape!!

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    Yeah got it just a few days ago.  Trying to sort out a good way to bring it with me as I travel for a living and my travel computer doesnt have a dvd drive.  I have to get it on a thumb drive then daily use...  Ouch!  This is going to kick my butt!
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    My fiance and I did it last spring and only did it for 2 months and lost 20 pounds each. We have exactly 3 months til the wedding and we are going to start it up again. I does kick your butt, but man the results are great. Good luck!!!
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    What do P90x'ers recommend when you are unable to do a day's routine (I'm out of town for work on Thursday and Friday).  Do you skip the routine, make it up on another day (2 a days) or stretch out the 90 days to 100 days?

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    My husband and I both did P90X before our wedding last May.
    I lost 15 lbs, and he lost almost 20.
    I actually only did the The Ab Ripper video combined with jogging and yoga, but my husband did all of the videos.
    They really work!
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    Parker - I would just maybe do the day you missed the next day. I would not do 2 in 1 day unless you are already in good shape cuz then the next day you might not be able to walk. I wouldn't just skip it or you might find yourself "accidently" skipping the days you don't like! :)
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    edited April 2010
    Thanks,  Lorabean.  I'm starting my first day of "lean" tonight!  Wish me luck!

    Edit:  fnished day 1 of core synergistics.  It was fun!  Some of the moves were weird, so I watched instead of doing them, but I think overall it wa a good workout.  I can't wait to do more lifting exercises.
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    To a9stedt:Did you just doing a couple videos really work?I'm thinking of just doing the cardio (LOVE IT), ab ripper, and something else. Do you think that will work? Also you did each dvd daily?
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