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Hi ladies,

Well, the big day is coming up. I am naturally being very conscious of what I eat and keeping up with exercise to maintain my weight loss through the holidays. (My wedding is 12/31...) My girls have reserved a cabin in the mtns for my bachelorette party 3 nights before the wedding. We are going out for an early dinner and then spending the rest of the night at the cabin. I will already be eating out (eek) and I know there will be lots of snacks and goodies (and drinks) afterwards. Soo...finally to the question. Do y'all have any good recipes for snacks that are low-cal yet still festive and tasty? I want to have a good time, but I can't afford to lose control so soon before the wedding. TIA!

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    I know its not a common strain but you arent going to gain enough weight to affect how you look or how your dress fits 3 days before the wedding. I wouldnt stress TOO MUCH over what you eat, as long as you dont go crazy with your portions.

    Make sure to drink lots of water, not eat past being full, and enjoy yourself.
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    agreed with nebb -- but try staying away from salty foods it can make u feel bloated & retain water.
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    I guess y'all are right. Nothing I eat that night is going to make me look any different. I guess it's more of the gross morning-after feeling I'm trying to avoid. Yeah, I'll just try to watch the portions and not stress about it. Thanks.
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    water water water... if you are drinking at all you need to flush any after drinking bloat out... then my suggestion would be a light english muffin, eggbeaters and canadian bacon for breakfast. it gives you some light carbs, "grease" (although if you do WW canadian bacon is actually simply filling and not horrible for you!) and protein... it will taste like a McD's sandwhich but be much better for you... and best part is that it can be made in a microwave (if you have one)... apples, are always a good snack (and if you mix some lemon and water in a spritzer you can cut them in advance so you have snacks for the way that won't turn brown!) and then water haha i know i said that a lot but it is your best friend after you drink!
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    I don't know what kind of food you like, but I would love a tray with hummus and veggies and pita.  I agree that one night isn't going to change how you look, personally I'd be more aware of what food and drinks were going to be around so I could recover well.  I personally feel even worse if I eat a bunch of greasy food AND drink.  Pretzels and apples are a great day after snack.
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