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My First 5K was today!

I ran/jogged/walked this challenging 5K with my cousin. We did it in 42 mins 12 secs. Not too shabby. There were a lot of hills! Eek! I'll do better on my next one!

The fastest runner was 15 minutes. :P hahaha My mom and aunt were waiting at the finish line for us and they couldn't believe how quick that young man ran! They said, "Someone is finishing already!? It just started!" haha
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Re: My First 5K was today!

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    That's awesome!! Congratulations!!!
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    glam70sglam70s member
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    Congrats! Such a great feeling!
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    Congrats! My favorite part about running is you can really see improvement. I am sure the next 5k you do will only be better. What an accomplishment!
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    congrats!  i remember how great it felt to do my first 5k!  I felt like such a runner
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    High Five!
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    Yay!  Thats so exciting!  I just signed up for my first.  I am not a runner at all, but am trying.  I am hoping that by signing up for a race I will work harder.  I've been slacking.  
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    Congrats!! Keep it up.  I am running a lot lately trying to get better at it.  It's a challenge.  Keep signing up for 5Ks and you will keep pushing!
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    KittE7KittE7 member
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    yay! sign up for your next 5k & use it as your next goal!
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