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I'm really proud of this board

So, I got married back in 2007.  At that time, I had come to this board looking for support and info on living a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately at that time, this board was really chock full of advice about crash diets, quick fixes, "sweating" off the weight, seaweed wraps and just about every other ridiculous type of diet fad you could think of.  There was tons of bad (even dangerous) advice about which I was the only one who ever spoke up (which didn't go over very well at all!)  I eventually got frustrated and moved to the Nest Health and Fitness board because they were a lot more geared to what I was looking for.

Now, sometimes when the nest is slow, I pop in over here and there has been such a great change in the attitude here!  It's no longer all about crash dieting for your wedding - it's about starting, living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  So I just wanted to say BRAVO to all of you who have made this happen!  It's such a great thing to see!


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