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Carmen Electra striptease

Has anyone tried the Carmen Electra striptease DVDs? FI  just ordered them for me (I'm taking that as a big ole hint) and was wondring what you girls thought of them. Do they offer much in the way of fitness, or is it more striptease and less aerobics?
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Re: Carmen Electra striptease

  • LOL @ big ole hint!

     I took a pole dancing class once and it didn't offer much in the lose weight deptmartment but boosted my hey I am sexy thoughts (lol)
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  • I don't think this is too much fitness as it is what your FI is hinting towards.. :)
  • Agreed to previous poster!
    I have a few of them and they are fun. They're short and you can fit a DVD in even if you're short on time. I think my body needed more than what those dvds could provide in the way of fitness on their own so I added in some high intensity DVDs that were an hour long and rotated between them to get the most out of my workouts.
  • I think he's trying to boost my confidence....and get somethin else in the process lol. I was just curious about the fitness aspect because it's billed as an aerobics video. thanks for the feedback!
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