Getting in Shape

Old School Work oout or Diet Pills?

Im a little chunky in certain places and weigh about 165lbs and im 5'4". I want to be 125lbs and slimmed down and toned to look more than amazing in my strapless ballgown sweetheart neckline dress. I have a pretty big tummy bulge, my thighs and butt is pretty big, and my arms are flappy too. And here's the thing. I tend to snack alot and I get hungry and munchies alot and work late night shifts at Starbucks and sometimes my lunches start at 7PM or sometime after 7PM. And i'm not much of a work out type of person and get self concious. I always have food on my mind (especially bad junk fatty foods) and I dont know what to do to help me lose wight. Any suggestions or ideas? Please I'm really desperate. Thanks ladies!!
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