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The Best Life

Has anybody read the Best Life Diet by Bob Green? The concept seems to make sense to me because it gets you into a routine so you can keep up with eating healthy and exercising.. so hopefully it won't feel  like a "diet"

I'm just curious if anybody has had any luck with it?


Re: The Best Life

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    I do not but the plan I have been following has a logical routine that works for me and because it is routine in a way, it has become habit for me. I can honestly say there have been busy days where I don't think a lot about what I eat but just follow the routines automatically it's just become a way of life and not a diet.
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    Routines become habits, so as long as it's a good routine, then go for it. I have read a lot of books sites etc... I just don't take anyones word for what they because they are supposed expert. They need to break it down for me. I guess that is why I am currently loving Jillian Mochaels books and site.
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