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Dear denim gods

While I truly appreciate you taking your time to sculpt my waist, perhaps the next few weeks you could focus on my thighs so that they're not one size larger? Yours very sincerely,
~Wants to go Jeans shopping
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Re: Dear denim gods

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    haha amen! my jeans still fit in the butt and thighs but i keep having to yank them up around the waist! 

    keep going! it'll happen!! :-)
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    I recite that same prayer every night!  Let me know if you get an answer!
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    Why do I have the opposite problem? The waist of my jeans is good, everything below the waist band is baggy. And for some reason I must be measuring wrong or something because I've lost 16 pounds and still get the same measurements as before I lost the weight.
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