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Oooo I was bad last week.  I didn't count calories at all, and I ate way more crap and fewer veggies than normal bc I was visiting FI's family.  I'm not making excuses for myself - no one forced me to eat pie every night.  I'm trying to get back on track this week.  Feel free to tell me off for being very un-GIS last week!

Re: confession

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    Ive been pretty good lately with working out and eating, my confession is me being an awful person. My friend doesnt pay attention very well and i mentioned that i was offered 3 free PT sessions at the gym and she keeps asking me how (even though I said I walked in and was offered it) and since the first time she asked I have skirted around the question. I know there are little flyers at the door with the offer for the 3 free sessions but I have just conveniently failed to mention it. I hate repeating myself, is my excuse.
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    I enjoy work weeks more than weekends. I even enjoy Mondays. There is something nice about a routine that helps me plan out what I'm going to eat, how and when I'm going to exercise, and allows me to be selfish since I can't spend as much time with FI, and thus can eat and do exactly what I want. He knows that during the week dinners together will be something WW friendly. On the weekends FI always wants to go out or have drinks or smoke cigars, etc. Not to mention that my exercise is built into my weekday, and I have yet to build it into my weekend. I just feel better during the week :-P
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    I was very bad last week too. I ate more stuffing than anyone should ever eat and ate more carbs in one sitting than I ever have. I luckily don't like pie so I wasn't tempted to have some but I did have a few cookies which I never do either!
    By the next day I felt so sick and stuffed I could barely eat the rest of the weekend.
    The only good thing that came from Thanksgiving was I got myself to the gym on a Saturday! I didn't go Wed or Fri so I kind of had to.
    So my confession is over eating Thanksgiving and not going to the gym last week.
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    I  actually ate reasonably well this weekend with my family. (We're all WW people, thank goodness.)  But with FI's family it was a whole different story.  Everything is cooked with butter, even toast is slathered in butter.  We stayed there for most of the weekend and I just didn't have the heart to tell FMIL that I didn't want to eat the buttered...everything, but I'd rather eat cereal, salad, etc.  The only good thing I did was reject cookies and ice cream and opted for a turkey sandwich rather than a hot dog for lunch on Saturday.  I've given myself a 10 week challenge.  I have 10 weeks until the shower both moms and all of the sisters are planning for me and if I've stayed on plan and lost weight, I'm going to buy myself a cute new outfit (hopefully a couple sizes smaller!)
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    Oy, I ate terribly last week (well, this weekend) and I didn't even have a Thanksgiving (Canadian thankyouverymuch).

    However, I did spend about 3 straight days on my feet going up and down stairs and hauling boxes all over the place.  I could feel it in my muscles by Saturday, that's for sure.  I guess moving can be a good workout.

    I'm going to try and fit in some workout this week, but until I have a better idea of what my new routine is going to be, it might be tough (with the move comes a commute, boo).  However, I think I'll be able to keep food under control at least!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    People that are engaged are SO busy....I didn't know how busy I would continue to be after the first few weeks of being engaged. The Holidays are a hard time so I am making self workout 30min. each day before work so that it is done and then if I have time do another 30 at night great ! -and if not at least I got 30 min in and that is better than nothing. one can have a perfect weightloss- it's hard that is why people struggle. Don't be too hard on yourself, just know you will do better this week and weekend. Find creative ways to motivate yourself! You can do it!

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    The last 2 weeks have been bad.  I've gained like 3lbs!  ARGH!  I dont even want to think about the approaching holiday parties.  And for some reason I can't bust through 30DS level 2!  Sigh I'm also drinking a peppermint mocha right now. 

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    I confess I've been very lazy with my workouts.  I'm dog sitting so instead of running with the dog I've been walking.  She is old so she can't run with me.  I said I was going to run anyway without the dog then walk extra with her.  It hasn't worked out that way most days.
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