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Running a half-marathon?

FI's uncle is encouraging all of us (FI, FSIL, FBIL, me, etc.) to train for and run a half-marathon in September... I've never in my life been a runner of any kind, and I don't do any sort of regular exercise as it stands right now. This uncle has offered to cover the cost of registering if any of us decide to do it, and another uncle of FI's is encouraging me to go for it. FI said he would help train with me, but won't run it himself due to some orthopedic issues he has.

I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment if I were to finish... but I don't honestly know if it's something I'm actually up for doing.

Advice? Anyone done a half-marathon?

Re: Running a half-marathon?

  • I actually just did the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Feb. It was awesome!!! I wasn't a "hardcore" runner before, but I was able to do it! I think you should try it if you are curious. I was so sore though. 
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    I have. I ran for about two or so years before. I trained, but I wasn't hardcore because of my school schedule.

    I was slow, but finished, which was really my goal. I was sore for a few days after. I felt accomplished and plan to do it again when i can really train after I finish school.
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