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Last night I took a long walk with FI and wanted to track it in TDP to see exactly how many miles we walked and get an estimate of how many calories we burned. (Which is a pretty cool Livestrong feature if you haven't discovered it.) We walked exactly 6.66 miles. FI thought we should walk around the block to get a different number.

Any funny GIS flubs for you ladies?
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Re: Funny things

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    this morning (around 4:30am) i more than likely woke up my entire community with my new squeaky bike brakes. whoops.

    and about two weeks ago, same time of the morning, i was running in my neighborhood and saw a molester van (you know - white, nondescript, panel van with no windows, parked suspiciously on the side of the road) so i ran faster past it. i was a little keyed up from that (it was pitch dark still) and as soon as i passed the van, the streetlight illuminated my shadow, which i immediately took as someone running next to me. mini heart-attack.
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    I rarely run outside because of knee problems, but if I do, there's an 80% chance I'll trip and probably fall. If I'm walking it goes down to 50% chance of tripping and a much smaller chance I'll fall.

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    raynesraynes member
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    Yeah, I repeatedly trip just walking down the hall in normal shoes, I'm a giant clutz.

    My H wanted to go for a walk last night, at like, 10:30pm, but it was nice, since he's usually pretty "meh" about going for walks.  We did't go far, but we did share a popsicle!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    msange - I totally just LOLed at your post. Thank goodness people at work are used to be doing that and dont ask anymore =)
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    sarahruth - trust me, no one was a bit shocked when i first broke that story! lol

    (a coworker once told me that he's "amazed" that by now i haven't gotten myself hospitalized or seriously injured (minorly? yes.) for all my clutziness - it's just a good thing i don't work with heavy machinery...)
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    msange - I can totally see myself doing that same thing. Rushing by the scary van and then freaking myself out.

    I saw a big ugly gross scary black snake at the barn last weekend - it actualy slithered out of a pile of horse bedding I had just shoveled, which means I SHOVELED it into the wheel barrow *shiver*. I thought that one shovel load was strangely heavy but it was early in the morning. Yes I screamed like a girl when it scared the crap out of me and run halfway to my car before I realized my keys were on the OTHER side of the evil killer snake. And no one was around to save me but the useless barn cat. So I had RUN by it.... hehehe

    Yeah... that was last satuday. Still this morning on my walk I was jumping away from twigs and branches. I'm such a dork. I'm not a girly girl, honest =)

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    haha i just saw this -- totally shuddered when i read it too!
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