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Weight Watchers advice?

I'm starting Weight Watchers next week in the goal of losing 80lbs. Do any of you have any advice on the program? Do's and Dont's...etc.

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Re: Weight Watchers advice?

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    I am doing WW online.  I joined December 29, 2009 and have lost 27 lbs and I am at my goal weight.

    The first week is very very difficult because you will feel very hungry.  Don't give up because your body gets the hang of it.  It's not easy because you have to make a lot of sacrafices and change your habits, but when I stuck with my alotted points, the pounds came off faster than I thought they would.

    Plan your meals in advance, including snacks.  Keep healthy snacks at work so you won't be tempted to go to the vending machine.  Keep a granola bar or something in your purse so if you get hungry on the go, you can eat that versus fast food.  I LOVE sugar free jello and always have it on hand -- it's a great way to get something sweet, feel full since its basically all water, and 0 points.

    Most important to me was letting friends and family know I was doing WW so they could support me and encourage me.

    Good luck!
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    You have to be honest with yourself.  If you had two pieces of pizza and can only have zero point foods the rest of the day then fess up to it.  You are only punishing (and lying to yourself) if you don't.

    You must exercise!

    I've been a member on and off for about a year but only committed seriously in recent months.  I've lost 40 pounds since starting with 15 to go until goal.

    It really does work but you have to work the program.
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    Make sure you don't cheat! I was always trying to work the points system, but realized this was only hurting me and making me feel worse. Go online and Google "weight watchers point calculator". Click on the first or second link and calculate away!

    Steamers Lightly Sauced Veggies (like broccoli and cheese or asian style medley) are only 2 points for the WHOLE BAG and are extremely filling (and only about $1.50 per bag). Also, you can find plenty of 1 point foods online. I found that by making little adjustments, it was much easier to do the whole diet thing. Use spray butter instead of regular. 45 calorie Sara Lee Bread is amazing. Just use things like are labeled "light" and "low fat" because it will save you the points without skimping on flavor! Good luck and happy dieting!
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    Oh, and the biggest help for me was not drinking any of my calories in a day. Skip the soda and go for diet. Make sure you add in points for milk or juice because people often forget that these count too!
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    I would caution against a couple of things that have been mentioned.  First of all, don't pick something just because its light or low-fat.  Figure out how it is light or low-fat -- if it has a bunch of artificial ingredients, its healthier for you to eat a smaller portion of the regular version than to put all those unnatural things in your body.  For example, 2% milk is lower in fat because its made with 2% milk versus whole milk so its OK.  But a lot of those fat-free chips are made with Olestra and not-so-good.

    Also, and I am currently trying to get myself away from this, don't assume diet pop is good for you just because it doesn't have calories.  Whenever possible, opt for water instead.
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