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Saturday Accountability (All)

I need to publicly admit that yesterday I totally off tracked and ate things that I haven't had in weeks (pizza, cookies, chips). On the bright side, those cravings are out of my system and I'm starting new today. 

B: soy sausage patties (2), small apple with PB
S/L: apple, clementines, trail mix, dried fruit, etc...we're going on a long hike
D: something healthy, such as turkey meatballs or almond meal chicken with veggies
S: ff plain greek yogurt with berries

WO: 100 PU W2D3 and 6 mile hike

Re: Saturday Accountability (All)

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    maria - it happens to all of us at some point, way to get right back on track!

    so last night i had a complete stranger congratulate me on carrying my first child.  i knew the shirt i was wearing wasn't the most flattering thing ever, but damn, did i really look pregnant?  jerk.  and now i'm going bathing suit shopping today and feeling more self-conscious than usual.  fabulous.

    but today will be a good day!  i can feel it.

    b - banana (pre-game)
    b2 - kashi cereal, skim milk (post-game)
    l - egg white sandwich
    s - popcorn, greek yogurt
    d - tbd.  on my own and kinda craving chipotle. we'll see.
    s - sf fudgsicle

    e - soccer game this morning!
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    I had chipotle for dinner last night.  It was sooo good.  It was still within my points, but I can defintiely feel the salt today.  Oh well!  Lots of water today!  I don't have much non-frozen food in the house because I'm leaving tomorrow for a week and FI has been gone for basically 2 weeks and will be gone another week soo...

    B: peanut butter chocolate smoothie (5)
    L:  Honestly, probably another smoothie, I'm lazy (5)
    D:  Quesadilla with guac? (10) or sushi (10)

    E: BFBM and lots of house cleaning/laundry
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    ajopusajopus member
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    Weighed in this morning and I'm down another 1.2 pounds! 15.6 pounds total, so I'm feeling pretty good :-) Gonna hit the grocery store today, so I'm not entirely sure what dinner will be.. definitely something yummy!

    b - kashi bar
    l - turkey & laughing cow on wheat sandwich thin, baby carrots w/ lf dressing
    s - ff greek yogurt w/ blackberries
    d - TBD
    s - TBD

    e - at least 1 hour of treadmill/elliptical/Jillian.. have to make up for having an extra rest day this week!
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    B: Vanilla protein shake + mixed berries + flax oil + fiber
    L: Ground beef sauteed with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and zucchini
    S: Vanilla protein shake + mixed berries
    D: Either chicken + asparagus + salad or something out

    E: Rest day
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    megilbmegilb member
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    B- southwest egg beaters with spinach and canadian bacon and coffee w/ ff cream
    L- 1/4 cup hummus on flat bread with carrots and bell peppers
    D- Going to the Cavs play-off game tonight in Cleveland!!! Woohooo!!!! I think dinner at Fat Fish blue.
    S- couple glasses of wine!
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    S - Granola bar
    L - Cosi Salad
    S - Baby carrots
    D - Ham sandwich with cheese and spinach
    S - Berries, ff yogurt
    S - Jello chocolate mouse

    E - 30 DS
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    b- late for work, so a starbucks reduced fat breakfast sandwich- whole grain english muffin, turkey bacon, egg white. It wasn't too bad.
    l- souplantation with FI, so a big salad and cup of veggie soup
    d- grilled chicken, potatoes, green beans

    e- none, rest day!
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    b: yogurt and granola
    l: sesame seed bagel with turkey and cheddar; 1 oz kettle cooked chips
    d: homemade pizza (dough and all!) with garlic, spinach, feta, roma tomato, olive oil, mozzarella cheese; one glass wine; 3/4 cup raspberry sorbet
    e: 40 min at the gym today!

    overall it was a good day. i feel good about my food choices and since i'm at FI's house, no snacking - he doesn't keep snack food! used 32.5 out of my 36 WW pts today.
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