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I'm addicted to chocolate HELP!!

So when I say I'm addicted to chocolate, I'm not kidding! I've been trying to get into shape for my wedding but I can't seem to cut out sweets. I did it once before a couple years ago but this time it's so hard!! I crave chocolate all the time. I don't know as like an upper or what, but I don't know how to fight these cravings anymore.

Anyone with sweet fighting advice PLEASE HELP!!

Re: I'm addicted to chocolate HELP!!

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    I understand!! They make weight watchers toffee ice cream pops and also the skinny cow has chocolate bars that are less calories and better for you than candy! maybe you can try some of those! they help me out alot!!! =D Good Luck! also (i dont really like it but) dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate! Hope it help!!

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    Well I'm addicted to pasta! What a dilemma we are in, huh... I agree with the above posters. At least try to eat the "healthier" versions like dark chocolate. I am modifying my pasta intake as well as what kinds. Only whole grain from now on. If I can do it (and it's darn near impossible) YOU CAN DO IT!!


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    I love Skinny Cow!  Their drumsticks are a great alternative to the regular ones, and they taste even better!

    There are a few others that my FMIL gets, I know Skinny Cow is a favorite at her place, but I'm not quite sure of the other brands.
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    Well, my suggestion would be to pick up a bag of individually wrapped dark chocolate squares.

    When you're super craving chocolate, grab ONE square and enjoy it slowly.  Dark chocolate has more "chocolate" flavour/morsel, so it's better at saiting the craving, and it has less calories than milk chocolate.  Then, walk away and don't have any more.  (aka, grow some balls and just say no)
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    I am also a chocoholic! Don't try to deny yourself completly or you will binge! When I was calorie counting I embraced the fact that each day I was going to eat 75-120 calories of chocolate. I have been buying the dark chocolate bars with 65-70+ cocoa in them. This really cut my cravings (from a whole bag of M&M to 3-4 squares). Also a plus is that it is good for you :) (in moderation of course)

    I also tried the pudding 100 calorie cups that are a good craving reducer and
    I have also added berries to my diet which are high in sugar and they seem to reduce my sweet tooth.

    Good luck!!
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    Try Artic Ice Ice cream - chocolate is the best - the entire pint is 128 calories - and it's all natural (no artificial sweetners) -  it's at Whole Foods.  Anyway, it helps with the ocassional craving and even if you finish off the pint, I never feel that guilty. 

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    mstar--totally off subject but is that your Maggie dres???? I LOOOVEEE it! I actually wanted to try that one but no store I went to had it! : (
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    I try to buy dark chocolate and then keep it in the highest cupboard to prevent myself from just binging on it when I have a craving. (Have to work to get a piece since I am 5' 3" and to reach my top cupboard I need to have a stool or chair to stand on.) :)

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    You should really check out Chocolate Shakeology. It's a meal replacement shake, but it can be used as a snack too. It tastes just like a chocolate shake, not disgusting at all! Plus it's SUPER healthy, it has like 70 different ingredients in it. You can find more information on it here -

    Only downside is that, it is kind of expensive, but it's probably going to be the healthiest chcolate you will find. Plus, it's shown to help people lose weight. I drink it everyday for breakfast since I usually don't have time for breakfast in the morning.
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