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Thursday accountability

Good morning.  I'm getting excited about this weekend.  We have lots of fun things planned.
b-2 scrambled eggs
s-lf cheese stick
l-turkey burger, sweet potato fries
d-grilled chicken, zucchini, green beans

Re: Thursday accountability

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    ctappinctappin member
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    Thank god I only have a half day tomorrow. Needs to be the long weekend already...

    B - whole wheat bagel thin w/ natural PB
    S - clementines
    L - pita chips w/ laughing cow
    S - luna protein bar
    D - pierogies with grilled veggies & LF sour cream

    E - 2 mile walk, interval elliptical
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    raynesraynes member
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    Psh, you guys as so behind the times.  The long weekend was last weekend.  At least we're going to have fantastic weather here.

    B: whole wheat english muffin w/ PB, strawberries, coffee w/ skim milk (and a donut)
    S: almonds and craisins
    L: TBD, I'm in a lunch funk.
    S: protein bar
    D: TBD.  Something on the grill.  This week was a meal planning fail.

    E: rest day
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Morning! Yesterday's lunch didn't go as planned, but I made up for it with a good work out and a light but healthy lunch.

    B--Green(more purple today actually) Smoothie--1 c. almond milk, banana, frozen blueberries/raspberries, big handful spinach, 1 tbs flaxseed, 1/3 cup raw oats.

    S-Green tea.

    L- Amy's burrito, apple

    S-Chobani Pomegranate yogurt

    D--TBD. FI and I will figure it out after the gym.

    E--Running on treadmill + lower body.
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    Ugh, with FI deployed, the days seem to just be creeping by...  :(

    b-Chobani w/granola
    s-an orange, or jalapeno flavored popcorn
    l-homemade Greek salad, and crackers w/Laughing Cow cheese wedge, and sugar free Jell-o
    s-TBD, probably chips & salsa
    d-something with chicken. i'm feeling uninspired today, so we'll see.
    e-30 minutes of pilates at home
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    B – Yogurt w/ Granola and fruit

    S – Dried Fruit/Nuts

    L – A  jerk marinade grilled chicken breast (left over from dinner) and tomato basil salad

    S – String cheese

    D – Not sure, going with the girls to see Sex & The City 2, and we are going to Outback … I will have to look up the menu.


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    megilbmegilb member
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    Good morning!

    B- weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal with 3oz blueberries + coffee w/ ff creamer
    L- O Charleys cedar planked tilapia with asparagus
    D- 8oz grilled chicken breast and 1 cup pasta with marinara
    S- sf rice pudding
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    C&S1030C&S1030 member
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    Good Morning!  My thighs are so sore today.  My co-workers may start to think I'm drunk by the way I'm walking around here.

    B- three egg whites, Fuji apple
    S- Greek yogurt
    L- grilled chicken, sliced tomato with a bit of kosher salt and pepper
    S- soy nuts
    D- TBD... hoping the FI is motivated to make turkey burgers

    E- Day 4 of P90X.  Today is yoga. 
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    edited May 2010
    I had a nutritional fail last night -- I got a raise yesterday (much larger than expected), so we went out to this delicious pizza place and split a greek salad and shrimp pizza, plus a glass of summer ale. Delish, but not so healthy. 

    B: two slices whole wheat toast with natural PB
    S: I forgot my banana!
    L: Chicken soup, tuna with light mayo on one slice whole wheat, banana
    S: Baby carrots, Greek yogurt
    D: Girl's night out ...which I shouldn't indulge in after last night. We usually split a couple apps and each have two beers.

    E: one-hour weight lifting class
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    Morning. My biceps are still so sore from Monday's workout, I must have overdone it. It's throwing off my workout schedule b/c today was arms again.

    B: wheat english muffin w/ PB and low sugar jam, coffee
    S: protein shake
    L: greek garbanzo salad, apple
    S: greek yogurt w/ strawberries
    D: chicken w/ sun dried tomatoes and asparagus

    E: not sure, arms too sore and I ran the last 2 days. Legs and Back and Ab Ripper probably
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    i woke up so sore from running last night, but it was a good run, so i'll take it.

    b - kashi cereal, skim
    l - turkey on wheat, raw veggies
    s - apple, string cheese
    s - greek yogurt
    d - lean cuisine
    s - maybe something sweet.

    e - NMTZ
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    Totally missed this yesteray, almost again today. SO busy at work & taking tomorrow off! Hello long weekend.
    B: oatmeal w/ strawberries, coffee & soy milk
    S: carrots & pineapple
    L: tuna salad sandwich & whole wheat
    D: turkey burgers & veggies

    E: elliptical intervals, & maybe lifting. maybe just laundry & packing!
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