Getting in Shape

Weightlifting/Diet Recs?

Any ladies have weightlifting/low cardio workouts that they love and or nutrition websites to recommend?

I have a condition where I"m not supposed to do any cardio, which bites because I used to be so active and love to run and swim. My doctors put me on no exercise for about 2 years and on all sorts of crazy diets while they figured out what was wrong, and needless to say I've gained quite a bit of weight from it.

I'm allowed to exercise as long as I "listen to my body" but I get stuck in a rut with the no cardio. I try doing yoga in our apt and weights at the gym, but get bored. I feel bored and overwhelmed at the same time. Any ideas? Oh, and hi. I'm samurai21 and I'm hoping to lose weight to be healthier and feel better about myself. I can rock my dress at any size. :)
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