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Monday accountability

Good morning.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  We were busy all day Saturday yesterday we stayed home ans watched football.
b-2 hard boiled egg whites, orange
s-apple with natural peanut butter
l-leftover broiled tilapia, spinach salad
s-whole grain pretzels
d-grilled chicken, spinach salad
e-ran 2 1/2 miles, walk a couple miles this afternoon, maybe weights

Re: Monday accountability

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    Had a pretty good weekend - got in a 7 mile run (longest yet!).  Didn't eat quite as well as I should have :(

    b-cereal with raspberries
    l-leftover chicken cordon blue (only ate half of dinner portion last night)
    s-apple, orange
    d-pork chop, salad
    e-gym tonight - upper body lifting, 40 minutes cardio (stairmill - that thing is a great workout!)
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    better late than never, right?

    not going to be the best day ever, just hope i stay under my calories today.

    b - banana (work up late, grabbed it on my way out)
    l - tuna sandwich, apple
    s - fiber one bar
    d - 1/2 chipotle burrito (going to a concert.  and i love chipotle)

    e - none.
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    I'm late too...I can already feel that this isn't going to be a great week.  It is really busy and I don't have a ton of motivation.

    B-light english muffin, one half with LF veggie CC, one half with PB, coffee
    S-cheese stick, piece of dark chocolate
    L-ham and cheese pita, apple, greek yogurt
    S-dark chocolate
    D-homemade wheat pizza w/LF cheese and turkey pepperoni, salad
    S-grapefruit (and maybe a chocolate chip cookie)

    E-30 minutes of intervals...Supposed to be yoga (week 4 of p90x, but I hate it, so I subbed intervals.)
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    B- Special K bar (170) and a sugar free red bull(10) (it was one of those mornings where only a red bull would get me going!)
    L- 6 inch chicken sandwich from Subway on wheat (400)
    S- Sun Chips (210)
    D- Healthy Choice frozen dinner (300)
    E- 30 day shred

    Total Calories for the day: 1,090
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