Getting in Shape

PSA: Fitocracy

I joined Fitocracy this morning and it's kind of like a social network/ game for logging your workouts. I went to bodypump this morning at 6 AM and by just logging my reps from that I already leveled up to level 3 and am almost at level 4. 

They also have quests for you to meet to help keep you motivated, nevermind the fact that your friends will be leveling up so you have the competitive edge.

They are on beta now with a waitlist to join, but my coworker sent me this link which has 1,500 free beta invites.  Click here!

If you guys join, add me, I'm breamarie on there :) I figured it might be fun to get some motivation going! It's already pretty fun, but I think I'll actually keep with it if some of you girls join me :)
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