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Tuesday WW Accountability

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    It's 5 months today until we're married!  Woohoo!  I have so much to get done before then-mainly writing and defending my dissertation and I'm starting to get stressed out.  I also need to lose this weight ASAP.  That said, I couldn't get my lazy behind out of bed this morning to workout.  Ugh.

    B:bread (2) hardboiled egg (2)
    L:left over buffalo chicken alfredo (7)
    S:fiber one shake (2)
    D: Light Caesar Salad Kit (6) with chicken (3)

    Target: 23

    E: Bike for 1 hr (during the biggest loser!)
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    B: egg (2) light toast (.5)
    S: yogurt (1)
    L: salad (1.5) crackers w/ cheese wedge (2..5)
    S: banana (1.5)
    D: TBD

    total: 9
    target: 21
    WI: Tomorrow

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    Little- I know how you feel. I'm in my last semester, it's my capstone, and an internship, and getting married 13 days after I graduate. I feel like I'm constantly trying to prioritize- and working out/ eating healthy doesn't always win. I try to remind myself that if I take this time and do something for me now, then I'll feel better about everything else that i need to do later :) HTH and good luck! I know you'll rock it :)

    B: breakfast quesadilla and coffee (4)
    L: bbq chicken (6)
    D: pasta (6)
    S: cheese stick (2)
    S: Salad with rf dressing (3)
    S: sundae (3)
    Total: 24
    Target: 23
    WI: Friday
    E: 20 min. elliptical, 20 min. bike, 20 min. stairs
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    WI was today - lost 1 lb. GOING to work out today - no ifs, ands or buts about it!!

    B: banana (2), coffee (2)
    L: soup (4), fruit (2)
    S: fruit (2)
    D: chicken w/ tortilla covering (5), bonesucking sauce to dip in (1)

    Total: 16
    Target: 26

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    Well, I didn't get into the Weight Training class yesterday, but that's okay. It would have basically been me having 2 gym memberships. Oh well. I'm starting my dance class today!!! Yay!!!

    B: 2 whole wheat waffles (3), 1 T light butter (1), splenda & vanilla extract (0), 3 slices canadian bacon (1)
    S: coffee w/half &half (1.5)
    L: taco soup (3), sour cream (.5), WW cheese (1)
    S: caramel apple shake (4), popcorn (1), veggie soup (0)
    D: chicken breast (3), italian dressing (3), whole wheat pasta (3), zucchini (0)
    S: WW cookie dough sundae (3)

    E: dance class 1.25 hours

    Total: 28
    Target: 29
    WI: Saturday
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    good job on the negative Graceful;
    what kind of dance class favorite?
    Lizzie, you are a superwoman!

    B:Fiber One blueberry "poptart" (3)
    S:apple (1)
    L: tuna lunch to go (5)
    S:orange (1)
    S: blueberry nutrigrain bar (2 )
    D: GF grill chicken breast (3), steamfresh vegetables (1-3 ), broccoli/cheese sauce (1)

    Target: 28

    E:bodycombat express - 45 minutes, jog 1 mile on treadmill (@ least)

    WI: tonight, oh dear.

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    csuperstar - I'm taking a Jazz dance class. I grew up dancing, but stopped for a few years and finally took it up again last semester. I'm really excited. :)
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