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AW Best motivation ever!

I checked out swimsuits for the honeymoon, less than four months away, and it was the biggest motivation ever! I realized that I have three months. That's it. I feel much more committed, but I know that now it's going to start getting hard with stress and wanting to stress eat. I almost ate a Hershey Kiss thinking "well, its only one point, and I'm working out" and then I PUT IT DOWN. It was amazing :-P I want the chocolate, but I want a healthy, strong, and kickasss body even more :) This was just a brand new revelation to me and I needed to share, thanks for putting up with it!

Re: AW Best motivation ever!

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    Good for you! keep it up.
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    I know what you mean! I only have a little over 4 months to go, and each week I'm more and more motivated to keep going! Honeymoon lingerie is another HUGE motivator. I bought one babydoll in the size I want to be in. I don't fit it yet, but I'm WAY closer than I was 3 months ago!
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    I can't even imagine putting on a bathing suit right now.  I'm all pale and jiggly!  Good for you - I think I will look at pictures too for motivation!
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    feels great doesn't it!

    Yay you!
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    I went shopping last week and tried on some swim suits for fun, just to see how far along i've come. It was actually a good experience. I know what i looked like in a suit last summer, and now i saw a difference, but found out that i still have some work to do to be completely comfortable in one. It made me feel good knowing i'm getting closer to my goal.
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    I keep a victorias secret swimsuit catalog on my kitchen counter right by the fridge... haha. I gotta quit snacking so I can fit into one of their awesome suits!
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    wow, 1 hersheys kiss is 1 point?!  thats crazy, i could eat a whole bag!  Good luck to you and dont freak out if you cave a few times... just start fresh the next day

    I have 1 month left and my new years resolution was cutting out the booze (which always leads to bad foods)...  I cut out dessert a month ago (I keep tons of fruits in the house because of my sweet tooth).  I dont allow myself to order food at work, only allowed to eat my fiber cereal, fruit, raisons, oatmeal...  all little steps resulting in being thinner than I was in HS!
    I know its bad for you, but for the last month leading to the wedding, Im tanning and that also gives the illusion of losing another 10lbs- especially on your belly.  super happy with all the results!
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