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Wednesday Accountability

Didn't see this one yet today...

b - cottage cheese, ff yogurt, berries
l - tuna sandwich, veggies
s - apple, string cheese
s - tbd (late dinner)
d - milkfish, green beans, mushrooms

e - first 5 circuits of NMTZ.  i'm already sore.

Re: Wednesday Accountability

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    B - cereal and coffee w/ skim milk
    S - Pringles Stix, NF yogurt
    L - sandwish w/ pumpernickel bread, extra lean turkey, LF mayo and creamy dill and capers mustard (best. mustard. ever.)
    S - 100 cal cookie bar (and maybe some pretzels....)
    D - Asiago sausage on whole wheat bun, spinach salad

    E - putting down plywood on the floor!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    1- eggs and toast and coffee
    2- protein shake
    3- spinach salad w/ hardboiled eggs and chopped up turkey
    4- either celery with pb or apples with pb.. i'm in a pb kinda mood
    5- homemade chili or grileld chicken with rice/veggies... depends on what FI wants
    6- vanilla yogurt for dessert

    E- about to go hit up the gym. Doing ab workouts today at home, then shoulder work at the gym, then 30 mins on treadmill.
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    B - Soyogurt.
    L - Subway Veggie Delight Salad (no cheese or dressing)
    D - Soy lemon and herb "chicken"
    S - So Delicious Soy Icecream sandwich.

    E - 30 day Shred
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    I'm still around just extemely busy with wedding stuff.  I put off doing alot of stuff "until we get closer" and now I have 45 days.  I don't like having all these appointments because I can't always eat my snacks like I'm used to.  Hopefully everything will settle down soon.
    b-1 hard boiled egg white, orange, and a protien shake (yuck)
    l-turkey taco salad with black beans
    d-fried chicken woth no skin(I know still bad), green beans
    e-none overslept ran late all day
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    b - weight control oatmeal
    s - nutrigrain bar
    l - healthy choice fresh mixer, apple sauce (sugar free), light string cheese, and 100 calorie pudding
    s - protein shake
    d - grilled chicken and plain noodles with parmasean cheese

    e - 45 min cardio and slim in 6 video
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    B: Egg White
    L: Half of Chipotle Bol with Chicken, no cheese or sour cream
    D: Lettuce and low fat balsamic
    S: 312 beer (snack of champions, oops)
    E: started class again today and gave myself a break
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