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Frustrated and Stuck

Hi all!  I'm new here, having JUST gotten engaged on Saturday.  It was amazing!
But, I have been struggling to lose weight now for two years.  I used to be a swimmer and weigh about 130.  Now I'm almost 100 pounds heavier.  I struggle so much.  I'm a very picky eater (no red meat, no fish) and work a very stressful, full time job (elementary school teacher).  I will start a diet, only to get frustrated and binge eat and lose a lot of ground.  I've started cooking more, watching what I eat, exercising regularly - and managed to gain ten pounds.
I know if I could get a kickstart and a buddy to work out with, I would do a lot better.  I need advice from the other brides-to-be out there!  How can I lose 80 pounds?  And soon!!  I want to take engagement photos this summer (July) and I'd like to be onto a good start of it!
What have people done to help?  What's sustainable?  What suggestions does anyone have??  And would anybody be an inspiration buddy?  Something maybe where we could email back and forth a motivation message/work out plan or meal to try?  Always nice to have someone else to be accountable to and to inspire and share ideas.

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    Can you join weight watchers in your area?  That would be a great place for accountability and maybe you'd even find a workout partner.  It sounds like you need that accountability and the weekly weigh-ins as well as the support of others in the sessions would be great for you.

    Other options if that isn't possible - track your food in a journal or on a website like  Also, with summer coming up, will you have more time for working out?  

    And not to be a Debbie Downer, but 40 pounds by July is probably not healthy.  Just focus on losing what you can in a healthy way.  GL!
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    I would say the most you could safely lose (if you want the weight to stay off :)) by July is around 20 pounds. Try to aim for a 1-2 pound weight loss, really drastic changes (and very low calorie diets) can actually put your body into starvation mode, and any weight you lose you'll likely gain it back plus more. Cooking more and starting exercising are a great start, but oftentimes you need to measure your food when you're starting out. Some good places to start are Sparkpeople or the Daily Plate (both free sites with calorie tracking), or Lose It (if you have an iPhone or iPod touch). Another great option is doing a few sessions with a nutritionist. A good book to read is the Abs Diet for Women (talks about the importance of protein, veggies, and healthy fats in your diet).

    Lots of us here work full time jobs and need to find the time to exercise, the key is to make sure that you're making the best of the exercise time (exercise can help with stress as well). Some good places to start are the New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women (this book is fantastic, and you'll definitely notice a difference), P90X, or Jilian Michael's 30 day shred. If you have any extra cash, a personal trainer can also be a big help (and get you started on the right track). Plus, if you're paying for a session, you can't miss it.

    If you're really stressing out and having issues with emotional eating, I would also recommend looking into a few sessions with a therapist.

    There are a bunch of us on here losing weight as well (I'd like to lose about 57 pounds, I'm 7 pounds down right now). S/O and I aren't officially engaged yet, but he let it slip that he has the rock :).
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    I don't know what is sustainable for you, I can tell you what isn't for me.  I need chocolate.  Gottahaveit.  A little bit, at least most days of the week.  Think of this as a long term, lifelong thing, not just for your wedding.  That kind of mindset will help you a lot more than just planning it for your wedding. 

    It sounds like you really need help with the basics, and I agree with the weight watchers suggestion.  I'm not their biggest fan ever (to me, point counting is not sustainable), but it's a great program to get started with. 

    The first thing I did was have a talk with my FI.  He lives with me, and I wanted him to be on board with me on having a healthier lifestyle.  He doesn't always like the healthy foods I make, but he's been surprised by what he has liked.  You may need to let go of your food pickiness a bit so you can discover other ways of eating.  FI is supportive, and that makes it a LOT easier.  I cleaned out the pantry and fridge, and got rid of the junk.  We still occasionally have doritos, or eat out, but its not a constant thing.  Oreos just made their first appearance in our apartment in maybe 2 years last week. 

    If you're not teaching during the summer or taking classes, I would set some time aside to start exercising. Find a local Y that has a pool you could work out at.  Start walking with your FI, or find a local park to hike in.  Go kayaking.  You don't need to be limited to a gym with the warmer weather coming (we're going to Vail for our HM, btw.  I see that you're from CO!).  And stick around here, the ladies have great advice and a lot of healthy knowledge, and are very supportive. 
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    Thanks Diana.  That will help a lot.  I think what I'm mainly looking for is just some support.
    Especially because it looks like my fiance will be moving to WA this summer, which means ANOTHER year of long distance!
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