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Best upper body cardio?

Most of the cardio machines at my gym are focused on lower body. There's bikes, treadmills, and stair climbers. My gym doesn't have a rowing machine (I don't think), and they do have a few elliptical machines.  I know those are good for upper & lower body cardio. Would swimming be a good cardio for upper body?

I'm confused...........

Re: Best upper body cardio?

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    I'm confused because about two minutes ago it said your question had 25 replies and now it has zero. Interesting. Anyways, swimming definitely is a good upper body cardio. It's good total body cardio as well. A few more pounds gone from my body and I think I'll get into a swimsuit to do laps lol.
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    Try searching on Google for "exercise tv."  I think it is  They have tons of free workout videos on there (full length and short ones just a few minutes long.)  Maybe you can find one specific for upper arms.
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    pushups- regular, military (elbows in), diamond (thumbs touching), wide grip
    pullups regular, overhand, underhand, wide grip (these can be done assisted or with bands)
    ashtanga yoga- think Madonna's arms... lean and strong

    pushups you can do everywhere!  Cardio will help you loose fat but it won't build muscle... builidng muscle will help you tone up, loose more fat and burn more calories in the long run.
    Good luck!

    good luck
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    Boxing!  I have been doing boxing classes for about 3 months now and its amazing how quickly uou get in shape! 

    Push-ups are great as well as planks (lie on your stomach and hold yourself up with the bottom of your forearms and toes.) 

    Good luck!
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    Boxing is definetely the best for cardio and toning. I've also been using a resistance band for toning. Stand on the band in the middle and the remaining band becomes like your dumbells. You can do bicep curls, upright rows and if you double up the bands you can also do bent over rows and tricep curls. I would suggest buying the staps that you can loop around the ends of the band for something a little more secure to hold on to. I have literally lost all that under arm giggle and my upper back looks fab and its only been like 2 months!! I too am wearing a halter dress and cant wait to show off my muscle!!

    Good Luck!!
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    Since you go to a gym, you can improvise.  As pp posted, push ups can be done anywhere... you can also do pushups using a bench.  Put your hands on the bench, arms straight, and your legs straight behind you so your body is in a straight line (shoulders, hips, knees, feet align) and do push ups.  When you get comfortable, you can raise one leg (alternating legs) off the floor while you push up to give your core a work out.

    Rows:  If the bench in your gym can be adjusted at different angles, adjust the top to about 45-60 degrees (sorry for using geometry!).  Grab a pair of dumbells that you are comfortable with.  Using your legs to brace yourself, lie stomach down on the bench, arms hanging down.  You should be able to "row" the dumbells by pulling them up/back flexing your back/shoulders/arm muscles.

    Bicep curls, shoulder presses, shoulder raises, pull downs and tricep pulldowns (on a machine) will all help tone your arms, shoulders and back... but you probably wont see a lot of change in a week!

    Womens Health Magazine has a lot of good workouts that are reasonable for women to do (they have a website).  I check there for new things to do to change up my workout now and then.

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    Cardio kickboxing is an amazing workout if you can find a good instructor. You will notice a difference in just a month. You'll lose weight, feel stronger, healthier. I also think swimming is very good too. I've been a competitive swimmer for 10years. It builds a lot more muscle than most people think. Personal training is another godo idea. It can be pricey sometimes but i find that i benefit from the extra push they give you. You also learn how to work out the right way so that it benefits you the most. I gave my personal trainer a picture of my dress and he put it in my workout folder. Everytime I start to complain about being tired or weak or i can do one more curl because i just might die..he opens up my folder and shows me my dress. Then Poof! 10 more curls! =)

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    Zumba is an amazing workout that usually last 60 min at the gym or you can get a DVD, I prefer working out at the gym because it is more motivating. Zumba works your body all over!!
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    The FI has a weight machine and I do "pull downs" (is that the correct term??)  1 rep of 20 everyday.  It's only about 40 lbs, but I feel/see a different in just a few weeks.
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    do push ups!  a few sets twice a day should get you some results pretty quickly!
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    I agree on boxing - especially if you put ankle weights on your wrists.

    Swimming is AMAZING!  Especially if you mix up which strokes you do - butterfly (which most people hate) is wonderful for the arms and the abs.
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    Push Ups!  You can do them wherever & whenever & they are free!  Waiting for the microwave to ding?  Do a few regular & reverse counter push ups. 
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    Tracy Anderson DVD's--She has killer arm workouts and you don't need any equipment.  You can find her MAT video on amazon.
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    Thanks, ladies. I'm working on building up in pushups! I'm doing about 10 (girl ones) at night before bed. I'm hoping to bump that up to 2 sets of 10 next week.
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