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I had an appendectomyI

And now I'm not supposed to even look at anything heavier than 5 pounds for the next two full weeks, or think about doing anything more than walking to the bathroom for at least the next week.

So.... In addition to the other recipe thread below, what else do you guys recommend I do?
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Re: I had an appendectomyI

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    Ooooh no :( That sucks I hope you are ok!

    Be careful with your eating until you are healed, stay hydrated and watch your sodium/sugar intake, that will help a lot. I know one of the contestants on biggest loser had their appendix out and did a lot of walking right after, is that an option for you?
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    Rest rest rest!!  Take the time to let your body heal and recuperate.  I know it's hard to sit around when you feel like you should be up and moving but seriously the best thing you can do for the next week is let your body get back to it's best.  If you push yourself too much you risk injury.  So relax and let yourself heal up.

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    Yikes!  Did they catch it before it burst?  Take care, Nebb's suggestions are all fantastic.
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    Definitely listen to your body. I had my appendix out last January (laparoscopically), I accompanied my FI to the grocery a couple weeks later when I was starting to feel better. I thought that leaning on the cart for support would be a good idea, but by the time we were almost done, I realized that even pushing around the cart was over-doing it. I was really sore the next several days, but no major harm done. Definitely avoid activities that put stress on your core muscles & abs until you're completely off pain meds. I probably wouldn't even worry too much until you have your follow up appointment and your Dr. can tell how well you're healing.
    As far as Miggy walking and walking all those miles right after her surgery: no way in hell I would have tried that, esp without constant doctor supervision. Just focus on your diet & keeping hydrated. And  if you eat a lot of raw veggies and roughage, don't be beyond taking a stool softener to make sure you're not straining.
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    Thanks everyone! I caught it before it burst thankfully.

    Nebb- If that person was up and walking normally they probably shouldn't of been, or they were on a really high dose of pain killer, or something. I can't stand up straight even. I can walk, but it's more of an old guy shuffle, if that makes any sense. 

    It's amazing to me how much you use your core muscles. 
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    I had my gall bladder out over Christmas, and it sounds like it has a similar recovery time to an appendectomy.  I actually lost 10 pounds those two weeks because I just didn't feel like eating anything.  I'd say try to eat healthy if you can, but honestly, when I was recovering, I was just grateful if a food sounded tasty.  So I ate pretty much whatever I wanted, but a lot less of it.

    I couldn't lift anything over 10 lbs for two weeks, and trust me, I didn't feel like it.  I went to the grocery store after 1.5 wks, and I was reaaaallly sore the next day after sitting on my butt for that long.

    My recommendation? Take it easy.  Watch lots of bad TV/movies.  Eat healthy, but make sure it sounds good to you.  And take it very slowly once you get back into exercising. 

    I hope you have a speedy recovery and aren't in too much pain!

    Edit: And yes, I'd hold off on too much walking.  I know exactly what you mean by the old man shuffle! Hahaha.  After a week, I started pacing around my apartment to stretch my legs and try to stand up straight.
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