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NGIS - Allergies!

I have never suffered from allergies but this has been awful! I have been sneezing for the past few months but that wasn't too bad. It has since in the last two weeks turned into itchy/burning eyes,sore throat, sinus preasure, and tiredmess )which apperently happens from the overactive immune system trying to fight the allergen).

The tiredness is making it super hard to be motivated to work ouit!

Anyone else having a worse then usual year?

Re: NGIS - Allergies!

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    Me too!  It got to be so bad last month that I slept for 2 days straight.  I was miserable.
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    I've been having allergy issues too!  Hives, cough, sneezing, itchy eyes... the works.  Not as much with the tiredness, but I'm pretty sure that's caffeine related.

    I heard this year is the worst for allergies than in the past 50 years.  Because we had a really wet winter and dry spring. 

    I've also started taking Claratin in the morning.  Zyrtec makes me too tired!  But that helps too.
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    i was finding this year to be better, but I thnk that's because I was taking a steroid inhaler for a while.  Since then, it's been brutal, especially with all the rain we've had here in the last little bit.

    I live by Nasonex and Reactin every day.  I'm allergic to a ton of stuff (my cats included) and it keeps the symptoms at bay!
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    yep - this years has been a royal nightmare. i've dealt with allergies since i was a kid, and i've never had a bout of them last longer than the first month of the season. this year, it started in april and is still going strong! i can't find anything over the counter that works without making me fall asleep at the wheel, and anything that's non-drowsy never works.
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    My allergies are horrible this year! So bad that I'm starting allergy shots on wednesday.

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    I recommend Allegra!
    I have tried a lot of different meds, over the counter and prescription - this medicine works the best for me and has no drowsy side effects! 
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