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okay ladies ,
my wedding is in october & my fi is currently deployed .
i would like to lose about twenty-five pounds , before he returns in september !
any ideas ?!
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Re: help!

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    Diet and exercise.
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    Eat healthy and exercise.
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    i knew that ,
    im just saying ,
    is there any excercise videos , or programs that you would reccomend ?
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    I would reccomend a calorie tracker such as sparkpeople or mydailyplate.  Both websites will give you a goal for what you should (can be tweaked) be eating in terms of calories, fat, protein, carbs.
    As far as exercise, how active are you now? That would change recommendations.
    Many people on here I would say have their own workouts, but programs that I see mentioned include 30 day shred, P90x, NRLFW (New Rules of Lifting for Women). If you want to get into  running, many do Couch to 5k. All these things are google-able.  Some people do classes at the gym, etc.

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    Taebo videos worked really well for me
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    im pretty active now ,
    i have slacked off a bit in the last month or so .
    but i used to run everyday along w/ an excericise video .
    but that isnt doing anything for me .
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    You could try lifting heavier weights -- adding some muscle will boost your metabolism and, in combination with healthy eating and some cardio, can help you lose inches.

    For cardio, try doing intervals at least a couple times a week instead of a steady pace.
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    thank you girls ,
    some of you really helped !
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    my suggestion would be really change up what you're doing - you mentioned that you run along with a video; maybe start biking? or swimming? and work with some weights to strengthen your muscles. sometimes all you need is to move in different ways, and your body will surprise you. also, doing this helps to avoid plateaus later on.

    good luck! :]
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