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Really frustrated with my tendinitis (long vent, sorry)

I've been having pain in my ankle since Sept. Thought that taking a break from running and heels would fix it, and when it didn't, I went to the doctor in Nov. Was diagnosed with tendinitis, given some anti-inflammatories, a gel and insoles and told to keep doing what I was doing in terms of rest.

It got a lot better, and I'm grateful. But it's not 100%. I still haven't run (just 30DS), and if I wear heels to work I wear flats to commute and just put the heels on in my office, where I'm sitting almost the whole time. I kept heels on during lunch the other day to run errands, and it really hurt afterward. Yesterday I had my dress fitting and had to wear my wedding heels, and after just standing there for 45 minutes, my ankle hurt. Still hurts a bit today.

I'm SO frustrated. Back when this started, I jokingly thought "ok, as long as it's better by the wedding" and never in a million years thought it might not be. Now with less than 2 months to go, I don't know what else to do to try to heal it and am starting to feel like it's never going to get better. Any tips?

Re: Really frustrated with my tendinitis (long vent, sorry)

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    I have gone to physical therapy for tendonitis in my foot and they have used something called iontophoresis on it as well as deep tissue massage.  It really helped, but if you're looking into it, I would do it sooner than later-I was sore for a couple of weeks before it really started to work.
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    Katie, I think I may have to go back to the doctor and ask for some kind of PT. At my last follow-up, he said it was an option, but since I was improving we didn't think it was necessary. Definitely going to take action soon so I have time to get better!

    Pirategal, I think that might be Achille's related pain. Mine is down the side of my ankle, and it's definitely the heels themselves that are a problem (apparently in everyone heels put stress on this tendon, but if yours is inflamed it hurts).
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    See if you can find an active release therapist. It's a combination of massage, chiro, reflexology, and probably other things I have no idea about.

    I have terrible tendonitist in my wrist, my dr. has done wonders! Once I twisted my ankle which hurt me for months and the dr. fixed my ankle in one session.

    Good luck!
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    I had really bad tendinitis in my elbow back in the fall. After suffering for about 2 months I finally tried acupuncture, and after 4 or 5 sessions, I was better I have heard from several people that it's the only thing that really cures tendinitis- anti-inflamatories and cortizone shots only keep it away for a while. I work in a kitchen so being able to use my right arm was really urgent. I HIGHLY recommend it.
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    Thanks for the rec's! My dad's fiancée is a doctor, and she recommended chiropractic/ostepath treatment, so I'm signed up for Thursday. And I've been considering acupuncture after great results with it for a previous problem, so I might have to do that. Long live alternative medicine :)
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