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Lets fix GIS

I have noticed lately that the board has pretty much died, and I dont think it has anything to do with the format switch. It seems like a large portion of the posts are "Im new!" and then they never post again, mixed with "i want to lose x amt of weight" posts where they also never post again.

Is there any way we can change the sticky at the top to be called "New posters, look here first!" or something? It just seems like the board has really stagnated and its hard after a while to "get it up" for the same post over and over again.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on how to breathe a little life into GIS?

Re: Lets fix GIS

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    I wish I did, but I feel like I dominate the board whenever I have more than a couple posts a day :-P I definitely agree, though :) People seem to respond to the daily threads, perhaps we could add in some more of those like a daily recipe swap, goals, etc.
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    I think adding daily things could be good, like lizzie suggested.  Maybe we can braindstorm and come up with ideas for a daily (or every other day, or every 3 days type thing) thread where we discuss something.  For example - maybe we can have a thread about muscle development.  Or a thread about keeping motivation going.  One about busting through plateaus, one where people post their favorite 'tips' for sticking to exercise or sticking to an eating plan.  Now that the holidays are here, maybe we can have some sort of accountability specific to the holidays where we keep eachother on track with avoiding the overeating that comes easily to a lot of people during the holidays.  I dunno. I don't post too much because I never have much to say, I'm pretty discouraged with my progress (or lack thereof), but I'm sure I could get into being involved in discussions like this.

    I have to say, though, that a lot of the boards I usually frequent have pretty much died out lately, too.  I don't know if it has to do with the new format or what, but where it used to take me an hour to fully peruse the Knot, now it only takes me something like 15 mnutes because there's never new content anymore.
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    I fixed the sticky post and also titled if "New posters, look here first!" I will also randomly post new posts for people to use, but feel free to post your own so everyone can join in!
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    I think those are great ideas lalanav! Good thinking. It reminds me almost of the articles you see on and what not, but discussion format for us here.
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    Wonderful input, ladies!!!

    Oh and if someone is up for "half committing" to check in almost daily over the holidays then count me in. I'll have net when I go home this time and I also bought a laptop so it's not a problem anymore. If we know with certainty that others will post something too, I think we're more likely to actually stop eating those holiday things for a few minutes :D
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    I think the holiday accountability is going to be a big thing - yeah we all know its a holiDAY (not days), but it is the holiday season with lots of parties, get togethers and situations where there are bad things to eat. I think if we can all rally together to keep on track it will help out a lot.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's beyond annoyed with the "I'm new", and "does (insert fad diet here) work?" stuff (not that I don't like new people, but like you said... hard to get excited for them). Every once and I while I'll do a nice thought out reply, but usually it just bothers me.

    Maybe it's slow, too, because of the holidays? No one wants to think about getting in shape? Who knows. And I'm in for the holiday accountability.... maybe "Holiday Accountability" should be a daily thread from now until New Years? People can post their struggles, their plans of attack, questions/suggestions about how to handle upcoming events, etc. Just a thought... ?

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