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favorite cardio?

Hi everyone,

I just did a free boxing class at a local boxing gym. It was insane! I loved it. Most of the time I was distracted trying to follow the combinations, so it wasn't until the very end of the class that I noticed how much it was kicking my butt. I signed up right after and bought myself some new pink boxing gloves.

I am very excited about this new development because I HATE running and get bored with cardio machines. I think classes are more where it's at for me.

What's your favorite kind of cardio?

Re: favorite cardio?

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    I totally agree about the classes! I work much, much harder in a class. I like spinning a lot and I'd like to try Zumba.
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    Running all the way. As long as it's not on a treadmill. I love trail running!
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    Zumba is so much fun!  It's the only time I can get out there and shake my bootie and feel like I'm getting in some good cardio and a workout!
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    i love spinning!! it was the only cardio workout i did until tonight when I started to run with FI. 
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    my favorite cardio is playign basketbll, its my favorite sport and really works upo a swet especially when i play agianst guys.
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