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Monday accountability

Good morning.  I have a bladder infections that I think has moved to my kidney.  I didn't have the greatest weekend I didn't eat enough or exercise like I wanted to.  I go back to the doctor today so hopefully I willk be feeling better soon.
b-2 hard boiled egg whites, about 20 grapes
l-tuna with lettuce and tomato on light wheat
s-eas carb control bar
d-turkey, spinach salad

Re: Monday accountability

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    Cranberry juice!  Stat!  That cannot be a comfortable situation, hopefully it gets resolved quickly.

    B - Fibre One cereal w/ raisins, protein powder and skim milk.  Coffee w/ skim milk
    S - yogurt w/ protein powder and walnuts
    L - tuna avocado salad
    S - cottage cheese w/ unsalted cashews
    D - TBD  I forgot to take some meat out of the freezer last night (and this morning).  whoops!

    E - rest day.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    REAL cranberry juice for you! None of that OceanSpray cranberry cocktail (cocktail means flavored sugary drink). NO sugar as it will make it worse!
    I hope you feel better soon, UTIs are a drag.

    b - banana with 2 tbp crunchy peannut butter
    s- Low sodium V8, babybel, senna tea, apple
    l - 3c greens, 1 italian tomato, 2tbs EVO dressing
    s - 20 almonds, dried fruits
    d - 1c Gardennay red pepper soup

    NO Cheating, no matter how many of those fluffy shortbread cookies I made last night are left over :-)
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    Oups, E - 30 mins jog on the treadmill at lunch time, 1hr Zumba teaching tonight.
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    Hope you feel better soon angelandlibby.

    B: broccoli and cheese fritatta, coffee
    S: banana
    L: turkey burger no bun, broccoli
    S: apple, almonds
    D: chicken stir fry

    E: 40 min Cardio Blast dvd, 20 min weights
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    B - waffles with smart balance butter
    S - orange
    L - spinach salad and Healthy Choice soup
    S - triskets
    D - turkey patty with mixed vegetables

    E - stretch and strength
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    ajopusajopus member
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    b - ff vanilla greek yogurt w/ cinnamon (YUM!)
    l - "pizza": soy pita, marinara, mozzarella (stupid grocery store was out of skim, so it's regular.. boo!)
    s - tall skinny vanilla latte
    d - slice of cheese pizza, salad w/ ff dressing
    s - banana, 2 graham crackers

    ~1250 cals, 22 WW points

    e - couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning to work out, knowing I had an 11 hour class day ahead of me. re-starting C25K tomorrow!
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    aw, hope you feel better, angelandlibby!

    b - banana
    s - candy cane (i know, not so great)
    l - SO chicken oriental, string cheese
    s - apple, coffee coolata w/ skim (it's so warm, i was craving it!)
    d - philippino food at MIL's.  portion control and good choices.
    s - lf fudgsicle

    e - none, overslept.  it's been one of those days.
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