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Discouraged :(

I'm doing this new work out/fitness plan at my gym.  I've been doing it for 3 weeks and have had good results (down 5lbs), until this week.  I'm back to my normal weight.  I've been doing extreme work outs at least 5 times a week, drinking lots of water and following the zone diet.  I got on the scale last night at weigh in, i'm up in weight and measurements (belly and butt).  I'm so sad and discouraged :(  The only thing i can think of is i'm PMS'ing and have felt bloated all week.  I need some advice.

Re: Discouraged :(

  • Don't get discouraged! I would count most of it to water weight on account of the PMSing. I'm not familiar with the zone diet, but are you eating enough? Sometimes if you aren't giving your body enough fuel to withstand the rigorus workouts, it begins to store the fat instead of burning it. Just a thought. GL!
  • i bet if you weigh yourself in the morning a couple days after your period is over you'll see that is was ll water weight.
    als o keep in mind that if you are doing a lot of working out then some of it could be muscle gain. just do more cardio and less weight stuff.

    good luck! i know it's hard!

  • Don't let one week get you down! There are bound to be weeks where you lose less and even gain. It's all part of the process. Just focus on consistency and how much better you feel instead of numbers. As long as you have an appropriate caloric deficit, you WILL see results over time.
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  • Like the other girls said, don't get discouraged. It's probably related to your period.

    Plus muscle weighs more than fat.

    If your workouts are really extreme and you aren't eating and drinking enough, that's a part of it too. You are probably retaining qutie a bit of water. Wait a few days until after your cycle and weigh in again. Don't stop the exercise and stuff.

    Everyone has ups and downs.

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  • Are you weighing yourself at the same time every day?  Your body weight fluctuates throughout the day.  Also, have you looked at the sodium content in your food?  You'll tend to retain water if the things you eat are higher in sodium.
  • Agree with PP...water weight and PMS....don't get discouraged!!!!!!!  Just stick to it girl, I bet in a couple of days you'll notice a huge difference.  :)
  • Put some lemon juice in your water. It's supposed to help with excess water weight and it helps pull sugar and salt from your system. Or cranberry juice (not from concentrate), it has a similar effect and is a natural diuretic. Keep up with your workouts and healthy eating, and focus on more cardio workouts the week before your period. Also, you may want to wait 2 weeks before your next weigh in and do it in the morning before you eat. Good luck!!
  • A pound of muscle and a pound of fat both weigh ONE pound. If you're replacing the fat with muscle it would explain why you aren't losing anything but it's only been 3 weeks. I'm sure it's water weight, I've heard muscles will hold water if they're stressed and trying to repair themselves. Don't be hard on yourself It's only been 3 weeks!! Just keep up the good work & eat healthy and eventually you'll be rewarded :)
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