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Swelling while running?

How long do you stay swelled after you run? Do you retain a lot of water?

I ran a 10K yesterday morning, and my legs are still swollen. Is this normal or common? My hands were huge after the race. I couldn't even get my ring off if I had to and normally it's fairly loose. I don't recall this ever happening to me. It wasn't extremely hot or anything like that and I stayed hydrated. Any ideas?
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Re: Swelling while running?

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    Hand swelling during and after exercise is actually really common and completely harmless. It happens when the blood vessels in your skin dilate to maintain blood flow and so your body can release heat. Also, in your legs, the contraction of muscles helps "push" blood up your veins back into your heart. When you're working out, particularly running, your leg muscles are working more (and your body has a higher circulatory demand) so there's increased blood flow to the heart. Your arm muscles aren't as efficient in helping return blood to the heart, so gravity causes the blood to pool in your hands. As the pressure in your capillaries increases, some of the fluid in the blood will enter into the tissue and make your fingers swollen. It's not normal for them to stay swollen for a long time after you exercise though. As for your legs, maybe you have shin splints? They can make your legs swell. Taking an anti-inflammatory and icing them might help. If it doesn't go away, you should see your doctor.
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    ditto cac - ice, drink lots of water, and elevate anything that's swollen. is anything painful? because then you may have a problem, but otherwise, it sounds normal.
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    Thanks ladies. Nothing is painful, just big lol.
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