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HELP! tips for weight loss

Hey ladies -

this time last year I was at my goal weight...too bad my FI and I moved in together last January and I have gained too much weight (I still don't believe my scale!) back...I own an elliptical and have been using it every day for the past week...I feel like I'll be able to keep that up, but my problem is the snacking and unhealthy eating (why does the food that is the worst for you taste the best?) FI is trying to be supportive but he is such a snacker and it's hard for him not to! I have time to lose weight before the wedding...I just need some tips...what do you do to stop yourself from snacking...eating those bad foods (pizza, icecream, chocolate...)? I have tried writing everything down, staring at my ring (lol), having pictures of me at my goal weight, having pics of dresses I like (I am NOT going shopping til I'm back at my goal)...nothing works for more than, like, a week!! HELP!

Re: HELP! tips for weight loss

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    Find healthy snacks you like, divide them into SMALL packaged portions, and just eat that. If you don't eat breakfast, your metabolism doesn't start up. At all. What I'm doing is getting peanuts, baby carrots, plain (organic) yogurt with granola and a tiny bit of dehydrated cane juice (sugar, basically), and other healthy snacks. I put them in bags, tiny containers, etc. and take them with me for my day. I find it also helps to not keep cash on your person, otherwise you'll run to a vending machine or something.
    First thing's first: empty your house of that bad stuff (no, don't eat it! Give it to relatives and friends or throw it away) and find healthy things you like that taste good. For me, yogurt and granola is delicious. I also LOVE turkey bacon, which is only about 90 calories a piece.
    My mom is a nutritional therapist and used to be a body builder. Yes, the trick is to burn more calories then you take in, but you also have to eat often to keep your metabolism up. Just eat very small, predesignated amounts.
    And get a scale from Walmart or because you can't get disappointed if your WEIGHT goes up at first. What you need to get is a scale that tells you your body fat percentage, because if your weight goes up when you're exercising and eating well, it usually means you are building muscle faster than you burn fat. Don't get discouraged! It is just easier to get toned then to lose the extra padding.
    Good luck!

    Oh, PS- I think it is helpful to have a splurge day once a week. Go on a hike, or go snowboarding, or do something you like that is good exercise but isn't your typical schedule. Then go out and grab a piece of pizza! Everyone needs to splurge, just in MODERATION. :) Ice cream is my favorite splurge. But I haven't eaten any in...a few weeks, actually.
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    Sorry but Leah2b is an idiot. PLEASE do not skip meals, do not eat cookie crisp for a snack or a meal or anything. Uugh.

    You need to find out how many calories you need for your age/weight to lose x amt of lbs/week - go to sparkpeople and it will determin the range you need to eat (high end = work out days, low end = rest days). Follow that. Eat often, and fill up on high fiber foods, healthy fats, whole foods. Limit and be aware of the amount of carbs and sugar that are in your foods, really watch your sodium intake and make sure to keep hydrated. Lots of water. Eating a breakfast is essential for staying full during the day and boosting your metabolism. If you go from 6pm to 12pm the following day without eating your body will go into starvation mode and it will be harder to lose weight. Watch your caffien intake as well. Lots of fruits and veggies (though be careful of fruits high in sugar. Sugar = carbs). Lean protein - pork, chicken, fish, shellfish. Snack on things like yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, veggies with hummas, something that will fill you up in a good and healthy way.

    Being aware of these things, what you are putting into your body and how much of what properties yourbody needs (how much protein/carb/fat/calories) is the key to healthy weightloss.

    Please do not listen to bad advice. I have lost 30lbs in the past 7 months and very noticably changed how my body looks by eating healthy and exercising regularly - and no I didnt run. I do heavy strength training and do most of my cardio on the rower and the bike. Just try things out and find out what is best for your body.
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    Thanks for the tips!

    One thing I've found hard about sticking to eating well is that I am SOOO thing that I still do (for like 2 yrs now) is have a healthy weight-loss shake for's the rest of the day that is hard!! I like the idea of separating food into baggies or something so they are already in the portions.  Might take time but SO worth it, I think! Thanks =]
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    Nebb - thanks for the advice...

    when I got down to my goal weight a year ago, I had a food journal and wrote down all my food/calories (I knew how many I could have a day) and it definitely worked...BUT my problem was that once I reached my weight, I was so happy that I could eat more again that I went a little overboard and stopped counting. I don't want to count calories for the rest of my now my head is all against you have any advice for me on that? I try to just be aware of it in my head and stick to it, but it is much harder, I know...I just want a lifestyle change and am afraid that if I count calories again, I'll end up losing and then gaining weight all over again :(
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    I think when youre trying to lose, counting in some way be it calories or points, is really one of the best ways to control your eating and know where you need to work on your habits. Once you have a general idea of how many calories/etc are in certain dishes or meals you can start to estimate in your head and wean yourself from tracking. I have been writing everything down since April, and I feel like im doing better when I keep track than when I dont. Once you get to your goal, you need to learn what your body needs in order to maintain your weight, the calories will go up you just need to keep eating healthy.

    For what its worth, I splurge here and there, but if you are aware of how much fat is in something and how far it will put you over your consumption for the day, it helps to weigh whether you should eat it or not and keep you on track. It becomes easier to manage the cravings the longer you keep at it.
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    Good advice...a part of it is that I really am trying to be good, but my FI seriously LOVES snacking (and his metabolism is so good and his job is pretty active, so it doesn't affect him like me...grr! lol) and when I see him eating, I want to.  He just went to get a snack, and I said to him, "Are you REALLLLY hungry?? I need you to support me!" I need that support!
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    My husband is the same way, hes very tall and slim and stays that way regardless of what he eats. We have managed to find ways to make it work with our very different eating habits - I make only enough starchy carbs with dinner for him to eat so that I dont have any, If he wants snack food it stays in the basement (im too lazy to go all the way down there for a snack!) or in his office, Things go on shelves higher than I can reach, etc. Its little tricks but over time ive lost the urge to eat the stuff. He is big on chips and what not - if you really need some read the label and figure out how many you can have to stay within your #'s for the day - I normally have half a serving of them and eat them slowly. my husbands eating HAS changed a lot though since I started this process, he eats junk a lot less than he used to and rarely has fast food anymore, he just slowly got out of the habit (and this was a guy who ate fast food 2-3 times a week, and always had pizza/chicken fingers/mac and cheese/ etc for dinner). Habits just take time to get used to. It sounds like youve made your needs known to him, for support, so its just up to him to take the initiative to make the small changes himself.
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    Yes, you are right! What makes it even harder is we live in a tiny studio apt (thank God for only 6 more months...2 bdrm here we come!) - but yeah, I do see changes in him already and am hopeful!!! :)
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    It will come in time :) Just keep doing what you know is good for you, be patient and try and stay motivated. It gets easier! Any time you feel weak or need to vent or get advice, just come here. Its been a big help to me when I was feeling low or discouraged.
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    Thanks! Yes, I can already tell that you ladies are so helpful!! And I went to myfitnesspal (saw tickers from there on here) and am going to track my eating on's soooo much easier to me than writing in a notebook or something (for whatever reason) so I think that will help too!!!
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    I think one of the hardest parts is realizing some foods that seem okay, just aren't that good for you. For instance, peanut butter is like 100 cals per tablespoon! I really love finding substitutes to make yummy meals that are healthy. For example FI & I make chili but instead of using ground beef we use boca crumbles (fake meat). I also discovered healthy foods I LOVE & make me feel better than if I ate something unhealthy. It takes a couple weeks of getting used to, but once you find a balance that helps you lose weight & feel satisfied there is really no going back! 
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    Thanks tinydancer...that's exactly why I want to make it a lifestyle change instead of just drastically cutting calories,etc...I don't want to ever go back!!

    Thanks for all the support out there =]
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    Might I reiterate that it is NOT healthy to skip meals? This board promotes healthy weight loss... so please do not start skipping meals (although, from reading your replies, it sounds like you're smarter than that).

    Like pp said, I have found it very helpful to portion things out in bags. The biggest cause of my weight gain was portion control (or lack thereof). Whenever I buy things from the store, I immediately separate them out into one serving portions (I use a food scale) and put them in ziploc bags. Not only does this keep me on track portion wise, but it also helps me because I can grab several bags of stuff to take to work in the morning for the day, rather than being in too much of a hurry to do anything and buying (unhealthy) lunch out.

    And what you mentioned about being able to keep the weight off.... I know how you feel. I've done the yo-yo before, and I have found that once you really get into your routine, you won't have to think about it as much anymore. It just becomes a habit.

    And finally.... trying to resist the lure of junk food and unhealthy snacks has always been difficult for me. Although FI was not trying to lose weight, he agreed that we could take all the junk food out of the house, and now we don't buy it anymore. I know I can't resist temptation, so we just eliminated it all together. Now, if FI wants something, he buys it and takes it to work to eat.


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    Vitaluna - thanks for the advice! And yes - although I am sure that leah has good reasons and that it very well may work for her, and I appreciate her advice - I don't think I'm going to go with skipping meals...just don't think my body would like that...but I REALLY think I'll be portioning things out.  We don't own a food scale but I've been thinking for awhile that it would be a good thing to have.  I hate the yo-yo'ing and hopefully this time, when the weight is off, it will STAY off because I will be in the lifestyle and routine and won't want to go back.  And I definitely will be keeping all the junk food out the best that I can!
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    Check out It is great!  I've been trying to loose also and it's been a great help!
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    I just want to throw in here that Weight Watchers really helped me understand my eating habits. As pp pointed out, a lot of things I thought were good to eat when I'm hungry, turned out not to be. And, it helped control portion sizes, too. You get used to it and it becomes a natural part of how you shop for food and how/what you eat. I'm pretty sure it's similar to the other sites suggested, but there's also the human element - you can (or decide not to) go to meetings to talk about what's been hard and figure out ways to get around it. It's great to have a support group.
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    Hey Ladies,
    I'm a new MOG to the site, and am getting lots of wonderful ideas.  My daughter-in-law is asking me to help lots with the flowers, so I've been having fun looking at everyone's beautiful weddings.  I wanted to let you all know that I lost 80 pounds 2 years ago in 6 months.  It's a wonderful program that is fast, safe, and healthy.  You're welcome to go to my website at and read about it.  I'd love to help you with your weight goals, as I'm now a health coach and helping lots of others make dramatic and fast changes in their health and weight.  My info is on the website if you want to contact me.  BUT --- I definitely agree with the most of the others.  DON"T skip meals.  It will lead to you making really bad choices later.  Eating frequently with small, low-glycemic foods is the way to go.  Best of luck, and you'll be beautiful brides, I know!
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    Thanks ladies for the advice. I can't say how much I already love this board...the ideas, motivation, and support I'm getting is wonderful!!!
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    Contrary to popular belief, counting and cutting calories is not the answer. Usually it is your sugar intake that converts itself into fatty tissue. The key with any weight loss plan is to watch what you eat. I would recommend trying to cut your sugar intake to about 15 g per day as well as a carb reduction. I am on the diet now and I have lost some weight. I have also increased my activity but it is important to rememeber that muscle weighs more than fat so as you tone, you may notice a reduction in inches versus pounds.

    For more

    It has worked for me!

    Good Luck!!!
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    I really like working out but to actually work up the motivation to start is what kills me.  My FI is also a big snacker and loves his chips and ice cream (me too) but I can't eat the same way he does or I pack on the pounds.  He never works out either.  So since we live together I do the grocery shopping.  I buy really healthy things and very little snacks like whole wheat or grain crackers.  I don't let things like chips or candy in the house.  I will buy ice cream for him but I buy him flavors I hate but he'll still eat.  My other problem is that I was snacking when I was bored.  If this happens take a walk around the block or go drive somewhere for 15-20 minutes.  Also never eat in front of the TV or while on the internet.  We, as humans, tend to eat mindlessly or more when these two things are involved. 

    I also find that I get bored easily with the same workout over and over so I bought a workout program that lasts for 4 months and is set to change every month so you don't get bored.

    Just some thoughts.  Sorry it was a little long.
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    lwolff - thanks! That's a good tip!

    jesstevens - oh, I totally agree! Once I am ACTUALLY working out, I love the feeling! It's just getting myself to do right now...I should, and I could, but I don't want to!! Maybe :) I am definitely trying to cut back eating in front of TV/internet because you are soooo right that you just eat mindlessly! Thanks for all the tips! I appreciate them!
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