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Advice for a couple with differing fitness goals?

My fiance is very thin and is trying to put on some weight, whereas I am slightly overweight and I'm trying to drop some.  I've had moderate success so far with my goals, but now that my fiance is getting more serious about his own goals, we're running into some problems.  We don't really want to be cooking two meals all the time.  Does anyone have any ideas about this?  Or similar stories to share?

Re: Advice for a couple with differing fitness goals?

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    Yeah, I'd eat dinner together, and then have him either add in foods, or add in more meals as needed. Like, you might have 3 meals and a snack in a day and he'll have 6 meals.
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    He could also try to eat more healthy snacks throughout the day instead of cooking a different meal.
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    Protein!  A high protein diet will help you lose weight and build muscle, while also helping FI gain weight and muscle.  Also cook the usual protein, veggie, starch dinner and you can limit the starch while FI digs in!  You definitely dont have to cook two meals.  Just because he's trying to gain weight doesnt mean he should be eating crap while you eat healthy.  He can eat healthy too, just larger portions so he's consuming more calories.
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    And by the way, I speak from experience because I changed our diet to high protein and I got leaner while FI got bigger.  He's muscular anyway, but the extra protein really helped him to lift more weight and get bigger.
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    agreed - there's no reason you need to eat different meals! keep it healthy, and it'll work for the both of you. and - heck yes, protein! :]
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    Make sure you have a balance of protein, complex carbs, and good fats with your meals. My FI and I are similar in which I'm trying to maintain my weight while he wants to bulk up a bit. We make very healthy meals, but he has a larger portion than I do. Don't consume too much protein, carbs, or fats because what your body doesn't use will become excess. A high protein diet for me when I was trying to lose weight and working out like crazy made me GAIN weight. You have to find a solution that works for you, but the general amounts for daily intakes are about 40% protein, 30% complex carbs, and 30% good fats. HTH.

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    Thanks everyone for your responses! I LOVE tacos and we've been making them with lean ground turkey.  I skip the cheese but I really like my red pepper chipotle whole grain tortillas, so I'm hoping to be able to keep eating them. :P

    I am using caloriecount to track my nutrition and it's recommending 45-65% carbs, 10-35% protein, and 20-35% good fats.  I've tried low-carb diets before and I just end up feeling tired and hungry all day long and therefore not keeping up with it.  So far I've had reasonable success with just restricting to 1300 calories but not worrying too much about cutting carbs specifically.  I agree that cutting carbs would probably make me attain my goals more quickly, but I'm not trying to lose that much weight and I have enough time left that I'm just not going to worry about doing it that way.
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